A Simple Guide to Types of Kratom- What Do Different Kratom Colors Mean?

Kratom has been a popular botanical for many years now and has piqued the interest of customers and researchers alike for its potential benefits. This guide will provide you with all of the information you need to better understand Kratom and the different types available. 


Red vein kratom, green vein kratom, and white vein kratom are the three main types of Kratom. These three main types contain many different substrains, each with varying effects. Less common kratom types include gold-vein and yellow-vein kratom. 

Please refer to the sections below for more information regarding the different kinds of kratom and how the different colors relate to the effects. You can find an in-depth summary of all of the currently verified information on kratom products here.

Kratom Colors Explained

In the following section, we will examine in depth the different types of kratom and how they affect the experience. Generally speaking, kratom comes in three colors: green, white, and red. Each type produces its own unique effects and is best utilized under certain circumstances.

Green-Vein Kratom

In comparison to white-vein and red-vein kratom, green-vein kratom is said to fall in the middle. While there is little scientific evidence to suggest concrete effects, green-vein kratom is said to produce an energizing effect with enhancements to mood and sociability.

Green vein kratom gives the perfect mix of effects and includes the subcategories Green Maeng Da and Green Malay. Many choose to mix green-vein kratom with both white vein or red vein to increase the effects without becoming overwhelmed by the stimulating effects of either. Green vein kratom is typically harvested during the middle of a plant’s life when all of the compounds are available in even amounts. Green-vein kratom is currently being studied to determine its efficacy and safety.

White-Vein Kratom

White vein kratom is harvested from a young plant and is said to provide energizing and mood-enhancing effects. White vein kratom is typically used to increase mental alertness and focus. Most people who have experience with white-vein kratom say they experience increased concentration, motivation, and endurance. It has also become a popular combatant for fatigue. Keep in mind that all claimed effects have not yet been scientifically verified and are simply based on the common user experience. 

People sensitive to caffeine should be cautious when using white-vein kratom strains, as the stimulating effects could cause restlessness. Because of this, white kratom is often paired with a green kratom strain to mellow out the experience and avoid overstimulation. 

Red-Vein Kratom

Most kratom users report calming effects when taking red vein kratom. The effects are so powerful it has gained the attention of medical researchers and science professionals alike.

As with the other kratom types, research is still ongoing to determine any benefits concretely, but it is claimed that red vein kratom can aid against sleeplessness and, in some cases, help relieve muscle tension. However, these are just claims that have not been proven — therefore, we cannot definitely confirm them to be true. 

Red-vein kratom effects will vary depending on the strain of kratom that you have. Red kratom can be mixed with white kratom strains to reduce the effects and decrease any potential drowsiness. Strains will be discussed further in the section below. 

Yellow Vein Kratom

Yellow vein kratom is one of the newer types and is much less common than red, green, and white kratom types. It is said to be useful for boosting the effects of the other main types but is not thought to be as effective on its own. 

When used on its own, yellow vein kratom is said to produce effects somewhere between white and green vein kratom, providing slight stimulating effects with waves of euphoria. As previously mentioned, the effects on their own will not be as significant as some of the other main types.

Kratom Strains Explained 

Different strains are available in all of the three main types of kratom. Depending on which main type of kratom you have, green, red, or white, the effects of the different strains can vary. This section will focus on these different strains and how they can affect the overall kratom experience.

Malay Kratom Strain

Malay kratom is a strain that is often made from white-vein kratom and is known for its stimulating and energizing effects. However, as we’ve said before, there is still more research to conduct on it efficacy and safety.

Malay kratom lasts the longest out of all the different strains, sometimes up to several hours of effects. It is commonly paired with a green vein kratom strain to even out the effects to avoid restlessness or overstimulation. 

Sumatra Kratom Strain

The Sumatra kratom strain hails from Indonesia. It is not quite as strong as some of the other strains, and the effects will vary depending on whether you have green, white, or red vein kratom. White vein Sumatra will offer a slight euphoric feeling with calming effects without causing drowsiness. On the other hand, while red vein Sumatra has been sought after by many, it is not for everyone. Green-vein Sumatra offers a good mix of both the effects of white and red veins for a balanced experience of stimulation. 

Maeng Da Kratom Strain

Maeng Da is the most common kratom strain and is said to be one of the strongest strains currently available. It is popular for its reported effectiveness as an energy enhancer and mood elevator. It is said to have effects similar to caffeine, with slight waves of euphoria to help improve mood and outlook. It is advised that you start with smaller amounts of Maeng Da kratom due to the significance of the effects and the long duration. 

Borneo Kratom Strain 

The Borneo kratom strain comes from Borneo and is considered one of the more subtle strains currently available. It lacks the energizing effects of some of the other strains and instead, provides a different effect.

Vein Kratom Strain 

Vein kratom is far less common and has only recently been introduced into the market. Vein kratom utilizes parts of the kratom leaf that were not typically harvested and combines them to create a strain that is said to cause calming effects. 

Red vs. Green vs. White Kratom

Now that you know more about the different types and strains, you may be wondering which kratom color is best. The answer to this will ultimately be up to personal preference and the experience that you are looking for. Red vein kratom is used by many and seems to offer an effect that explains its popularity. While this may be true, we should mention that there is more research to be done about its medicinal properties and applications. 

Nonetheless, on the other end of the spectrum, white vein kratom would be more suited to someone who is looking to increase focus and concentration and combat fatigue or drowsiness. White vein kratom is known for its stimulating properties and produces effects similar to caffeine. 

Finally, green vein kratom would be best for someone who is looking for a good balance between the effects of white and red vein kratom. It can also be mixed with red and white vein kratom types to even out the effects.  At the end of the day, it is up to the individual to choose which experience they prefer, or what they need at that moment in time. You should also consider the strain of the kratom that you are purchasing so you can further influence your experience. 

What Is Maeng Da?

Maeng Da is the most common kratom strain and is said to be one of the strongest strains currently available. It is popular for its reported effectiveness as an energy enhancer and mood elevator. 

It is said to have effects similar to caffeine, with slight waves of euphoria to help improve mood and outlook. It is advised that you start with smaller amounts of Maeng Da kratom due to the significance of the effects and the long duration. This strain originated in Thailand and can be found in all three main types, green, white, and red. The term Maeng Da translates loosely to “quality”, which reflects the high quality of the strain and its significant effectiveness compared to other strains. 

What To Look For When Buying Kratom?

It Purchasing kratom products requires you to know what to look for. Because there is still much research left to be done regarding the effects of kratom, to ensure the safety of your kratom products, you should only purchase from reputable companies like us here at ToppsKratom.

The section below will detail some of the major things you should look for in quality kratom products. We ensure that all of these qualifications are met and only offer the highest quality, lab-tested kratom products. 

Store Has A Wide Variety Of Products 

Any store that you are shopping at should have a wide variety of kratom products to choose from. This ensures that the place you are buying from understands the product and the demand for it and respects variety. 

At ToppsKratom, we offer one of the largest selections of kratom products currently available. As a result, we can provide customers with strains and types that best suit their needs. If a store only has a few options, they likely do not specialize in kratom products and could thus be selling lower quality products. 

Store Should Be Knowledgeable On Kratom Products 

It is important that any store you purchase kratom products from has customer service or clerks that are knowledgeable when it comes to kratom and its effects. If you have any questions or concerns, this will ensure that they can be addressed effectively. If you have any questions about kratom, you can contact our customer service representatives at any time, and they will be happy to help. If the store you are considering purchasing your kratom products from seems to not know much about kratom, it is likely they are stocking low-quality items and should be avoided.

Kratom Sourcing Information Should Be Visible 

All information regarding the sourcing of the kratom contained in the products you are purchasing should be clearly visible and discernable on the packaging. This will help ensure that your kratom was sourced from a farm that meets the standards for quality harvesting. 

All of our kratom products are produced in the United States to ensure the highest quality products possible. If a kratom product you are considering purchasing does not have any sourcing information visible on the bottle, it would be best to avoid it, as it could be unsafe or low-quality. 

Ingredients Of The Kratom Products Should Be Natural 

You should be on the lookout for kratom products that contain all-natural ingredients. These kratom products are as pure as possible and generally indicate higher quality products. We offer only kratom products that contain all-natural ingredients for the purest kratom experience possible. If the kratom products you are considering purchasing do not contain all-natural ingredients, you should consider avoiding them. 

Consider The Kratom Color And Strain You Want 

As this guide indicates, the kratom color and strain that you choose can affect your overall experience. You should consider whether you want a more subtle experience, a stimulating experience, or a balance of both when choosing a kratom product. 

It is important that you pay attention to the color of the kratom product you are purchasing so that you can ensure the proper effects that you are looking for in the product.

Other Factors To Consider 

There are several other smaller factors that can help you choose the best quality kratom products. The first thing you should do is research the kratom products that you are considering purchasing. This is important if you are buying from a physical storefront and not online from a reputable dealer like us at ToppsKratom. 

Researching the brand of the product can help inform you of any customer reviews and experiences that may be available online. You should also consider asking the store clerk or people you know with experience with kratom products for advice. A fresh kratom product is another aspect to consider. If the stock of kratom products is not replenished regularly, the quality of the products could deteriorate over time. 

This makes it important that you purchase your kratom from a company that specializes in kratom products to ensure that your product is being restocked consistently. Finally, it is important to consider the price of your kratom products as well.

All kratom products you purchase should be reasonably priced, meaning neither too expensive nor too cheap. A product that is too cheap could indicate low quality, while kratom products that are too expensive could not be worth the money. When buying kratom products, no matter why you’re consuming the herb, it’s important that a  customer takes quality, affordability, and value into consideration. 

What Is The Best Online Store For Kratom Products 

We here at ToppsKratom pride ourselves on being the number one online store for purchasing kratom products. The kratom we use is produced in the United States to ensure the highest quality. 

We also offer fast, reliable shipping, responsive customer service, and affordable prices to ensure a stellar customer experience every time. Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding kratom, and we will match you with a product best suited for your needs. 

We strive to produce only the purest kratom products currently available in response to the sea of low-quality products currently on the market elsewhere. We also ensure that all of our products follow the rules and regulations set to ensure not only a legality but a safe experience. 

If you are interested in kratom products, you will not find a better selection anywhere else online. We have several different types of kratom products in all the main types and strains, including Kratom shots, Kratom capsules, and Kratom gummies


The kratom color that you choose will influence the effects of the experience greatly. To summarize, white kratom is best suited for someone looking for a stimulating experience with increases to focus and concentration.

On the contrary, red kratom is best known for the powerful calming effects that are brought on. Finally, green kratom is a perfect balance between red and white kratom and provides slight stimulating effects. 

If you happen to come across yellow vein kratom, you can use it to mix with some of the other main kratom types to increase their effectiveness. That being said, yellow vein kratom is said to not be as effective on its own and is best when mixed with other types. 

Along with the main color types, kratom also comes in a variety of different strains, each with its own unique effects. Consider these different strains to tailor your experience even further. No matter which type and strain you choose, be sure to check out our selection of kratom products to ensure you have the highest quality experience.