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Kratom has been on the radar lately, but it is still shrouded in myths and misconceptions. At Topps Kratom this is one thing we are committed to changing. Here you will find all the latest news, facts, and information available from verified sources about Kratom so you can make an informed decision for yourself or loved ones. Looking for more science based facts on Kratom? Looking to stay up to date on kratom verified articles articles from clinical doctors, experts, and other professionals into how Kratom could help with your physical ailments like pain relief and anxiety management.

In What Form Does Kratom Work Best — Powder or Capsule?

Aug 23, 2022
One versatile substance found in nature that has been catching the attention of the wellness industry and medical sector is kratom. This substance is an herbal supplement, but it didn’t just make a recent appearance on the scene; it’s been here for decades — quite possibly even before mankind. Therefore, we’ve had a lot of time and opportunity to learn more about kratom, including its effects and medicinal uses — and it makes sense why. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of different chemical compounds and substances. However, only if you have been well-studied. Thankfully, kratom is one of them. As Kratom has grown and popularity, it is no surprise that several kratom products are being offered today. Two forms of kratom that have been some of the most popular include kratom powder and kratom capsules. If you’re new to the world of kratom, it will make all the sense to learn more and understand its effect on the body. In this article, we will share a brief breakdown of everything you need to know. This includes what it is, the history, and the science. Read on!

First, What is Kratom? 

Before we dig into all of the details, it’s important first to answer precisely what is kratom. Kratom is an evergreen tree part of the coffee family genus, mitragyna speciosa. Trees like kratom originated from regions of Southeast Asia, such as Myanmar, Indonesia, and Thailand where people have been consuming the leaves for ages. In these places, many have sought out kratom mainly for medical purposes — and it seems not much has changed today. Kratom has been consumed for several different reasons. But, people have mainly enjoyed the stimulating properties that the substance provides. In smaller doses, kratom is useful for increasing energy, boosting the mood,  and even promoting motivation. On the other hand, in larger doses, the plant seems to produce more sedative effects which has been useful for providing relaxation in some individuals. Before today’s newer product innovations, kratom was consumed as powder. This was done by taking kratom leaves and grinding them down into a fine powder. Once completely ground, the powder was mixed into food, drinks, or consumed on its own to experience kratom’s “opioid-like” effects.  Today, kratom can be found in far more regions of the world than just Southeast Asia — but, the trees themselves are still indigenous to SA). Because of this, consumers all over have the opportunity to experience the effect of this herbal substance.  The current legality of kratom is debatable, but the consumption of kratom will depend on where you reside. Kratom is currently a federally unregulated substance in America which means that states have been given the power to regulate it however they see fit. So, while kratom is legal in one state, it may be prohibited in another. Even the age requirements to purchase and consume kratom have been changed in some states, so consumers have to be a certain age. As we said, kratom comes in many different forms. Back then, you would only be able to find kratom in powder form. But now, kratom may be purchased as infused kratom capsules, Kratom gummies, Kratom shots and drinks— there’s truly something for everybody. The two forms of kratom we plan to discuss today are kratom capsules and kratom powder.

Kratom Powder  

Kratom powder is the most commonly used delivery method of them all. As we said, you can find gummies, capsules, beverages, and others infused with kratom. However, some seasoned kratom consumers will always want the option of being able to enjoy the substance in powder form. Kratom powder is versatile for a good reason. Not only can you add it to your food or drinks, but you can consume it on its own, just like South Asian natives used to do. By following the dosage instructions, for best results, select the recommended amount and add it to your food, drink, or water and combine until it has fully dissolved.  In no time, you will be able to experience the effects of kratom, thanks to the high bioavailability of this delivery method.

Kratom Capsules

Don’t wish to consume kratom in powder form? No problem! Kratom capsules are another great way to consume kratom and experience all it has to offer in one single dose. Kratom capsules are an excellent delivery method for a few reasons and are made to contain a highly kratom extract or powder. Once they are swallowed and broken in the body following consumption, effects can be felt in as little as under an hour. They are consumed just as you would any other supplement or pill — by swallowing it with a gulp of water or your favorite drink.  Firstly, it offers exceptional portability, allowing consumers to consume wherever, whenever. Secondly, kratom capsules are pre-filled with kratom powder and ready to finish, so there’s no need to mix them in or with anything — just pop one in your mouth and wait for effects to kick in slowly. They offer high bioavailability, unlike other delivery methods, which allows for effects to be much faster. Lastly, they are discreet and appear like any other capsule supplement. You don’t have to worry about disguising your dose anytime for anyone. Effects may be felt in an hour or so.

Why Do People Choose Kratom?

Kratom is a personal experience, yet it’s popular for several reasons, which will greatly depend on the person. Many people enjoy looking to consume kratom as a natural alternative for medicinal use.  In a time where many supplements and substances contain unhealthy additives and other harmful ingredients, you cannot even pronounce, the development of kratom products has been like a breath of fresh air for many. Because Kratom originates from mother Earth, there’s no need to be concerned about consuming any harmful ingredients or contaminants, especially when you purchase from reputable companies that prioritize quality above everything else. No more do consumers have to depend on consuming substances and supplements filled with a ton of chemicals, many of which do little to no good for the mind or body. Now customers can experience a natural alternative in the form of kratom in a more accessible and organic way. That said, if you are taking any conventional medication and want to try our Kratom, we do not recommend that you stop taking your medication. Instead, talk to your doctor about Kratom and how it will best fit your needs.  The reason is that combining kratom with other substances such as medication is still not understood. Therefore we cannot make any definitive statements on the efficacy and safety of this combination. Therefore a consultation with a health professional is vital before you consume.  Consumers can purchase Kratom and mini regions of the country, as we said before. This makes them not only easily accessible but quite popular since consumers don’t have to go through several obstacles to find substances useful for medicinal purposes. Not only does, but conventional medicine can be quite pricey, but with crate him, you won’t have to break the bank to get it. This is yet another aspect that makes the substance appealing to consumers, as we feel that natural substances should be affordable and able to be purchased by anyone who needs or wants it. Another reason why people choose to consume crates is because of their popularity and the fact that it’s easy to consume. Not only does Kratom provide a unique effect, in fact, but you can also consume Kratom in several different ways which can make your kratom experience more enjoyable, affordable, fun, and time-saving.

Which Form of Kratom is Better – 

Capsules or Powder? 

As to which form of Kratom is better, that’s honestly up to the consumer.  Kratom powder and kratom capsules are two forms of kratom which make it challenging to place them side by side and choose a superior. One of these delivery methods of kratom is not necessarily better than the other. It depends on personal preference and the effects a person is looking for. While some people find success consuming kratom powder, others may prefer the effects of kratom capsules. That is perfectly fine! These delivery methods act uniquely in every person’s body, making the experience completely individualistic. Therefore, whichever delivery method you decide will give you the effect and experience you’re looking for is ideal. Don’t rush through this either! It’s your body, and you only get one, so be sure to take some time to think carefully, do your research and decide what kind of effects you’re looking to get from your kratom— be it in the form of power or an easy to swallow capsule.  No matter which product you choose, if you want an energizing and uplifting effect, both products can produce what you’re looking for. Keep in mind that kratom is offered in several other forms making your choices endless. The best party? They’re all up to you!  Furthermore, while there is no standard dose for kratom (no matter what delivery method you choose), following the dosage information on your product label, conducting some kratom research, and speaking to your primary healthcare provider, you will be able to find what works best for you. Above all, listen to your body and monitor the effects as you consume. This will ensure not only a responsible experience but also a safe experience.

Which is the Best Place to Buy Kratom Capsules Online?

Kratom capsules and powder take little time to kick in fully, so be patient with your consumption as well as dosage. If effects are not felt, we don’t suggest consuming more unless the dosage information says otherwise on the product label. To provide our loved consumers the best of the best out there, at Topps Kratom, our kratom powder and kratom capsules are all-natural, 100% organic, and made with undisputable potency. The strength of our kratom will not make you crash later. Instead, you should experience an effect that is uplifting and energizing, so leave your worries behind about feeling unwanted and unpleasant effects later. We are a close-knit team of experienced doctors, supportive customer support, staff, innovative kratom makers, and chemists. We are selfless and committed to offering consumers the kind of quality hard to get. It’s these key things that have played an important role in the development of our reputation — to say we are proud is an understatement.  If you like what you’ve read so far and are interested in consuming kratom, see what all of the talks is about and check out Topp’s Kratom’s huge online selection of kratom products. Unlike other retailers, our capsules are produced in the United States. We offer quality options that will be able to supply your every need to have the best experience possible. It’d be as simple as 1,2,3! Furthermore, our delivery turnaround time is swift and convenient. All you have to do is choose products that seem most interesting and you will have them shipped to you in a matter of days. Soon, you’ll find out why kratom has been commonly consumed and well-loved. We are confident we will be able to consistently provide you with the best, time and time again! Conclusion  All of this information might be a little overwhelming, but we hope some of it helped you understand kratom better than you did before! Ultimately, you’ll learn more along the way once you’ve experienced the unique effects of kratom for yourself.  While we are still at the start of the research, we are discovering a ton daily. Therefore, it’s key to continue to do your research on current news surrounding kratom to stay ahead and consume safely.  Read More

Things to Consider Before You Buy Kratom – A Complete Guide

Aug 17, 2022

The number of items available in the herbal market is increasing. Kratom is one plant which has sought out for its claimed, yet unverified benefits. The popularity of this Southeast Asian herb has exploded in the United States. Perhaps you’re asking what kratom is. Here in this guide, we will tell you everything about kratom, so let’s read ahead.

What is Kratom?

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tropical herb native to Southeastern Asia and Africa’s portions that have long been used for medical and cultural reasons. This plant is widely present in Thailand, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea’s tropical and humid climates. The plants, which are members of the coffee genus, contain psychoactive (mind-altering) chemicals.

Kratom leaves are typically consumed raw or powdered to help with tiredness relief. However, it can currently be found in various formulations, notably dried or powdered leaves, Kratom capsules, pills, fluids, and oil. In the United States, kratom is becoming a more popular option therapy and the recreational drug on the drug market.

Leaf extract and foliage of kratom can be utilized as a stimulant or a relaxant. This drug is typically advertised and offered in supplement and alternative therapy stores. It’s also commonly available for purchase online and in farm owners’ markets around the United States.

Things to Consider Before You Buy Kratom

The advantages of kratom are well-known among those in the kratom community.   But, where do you get your kratom from in the first place?

Because of the market’s growing popularity, there are many vendors to choose from. Some enable you to purchase kratom online, while others are exclusively available in stores. To summarize, obtaining Kratom is simple! It’s a lot more accessible now than it was years back. However, not all kratom vendors are reliable even currently. Pollution, adulteration, and other factors make some items unsafe to use.

So, when you buy kratom from the next seller you come across, think about the following information regarding the substance and the vendor who sells it.

About Strains

Since each strain has a different influence on individuals, the goals you have should lead you in determining which types to acquire. Kratom is divided into three classes based on the color of the lines on the leaves:

Red: This strain is famous for people who would like to calm down and relax

Green: This strain type will increase focus and attention

White: This strain type will give you energy for the day

There are various strains to choose from and try in each category, making kratom multi-faceted and great for so many types of people.

Kratom Products

It’s important to consider how you’d like to consume kratom. Although the powder is commonly available, check for sellers who also provide it as a capsule if you’ve trouble swallowing it.

Moreover, there are a number of other products such as Kratom shots, oils, gummies, and more. 

Potency and Dosages

The amount is crucial to the natural feeling, so you should start educating yourself on how much kratom you want to consume to provide you with the desired result. A tiny dose can excite you, but a more significant dose can make you feel sleepy.

However, understanding the strength of a product, particularly mitragynine, is required to make a dosage decision. So, it’s crucial to purchase from kratom suppliers who clearly provide this information; but again, you can’t count on it 100%. 

Other, lesser-known alkaloids often can perform a more significant role, resulting in an unanticipated outcome. When getting new kratom, it’s always a good place to begin with modest dosages to see how strong it is.

About the Vendor

If you’re planning to use a product, you must receive it from a reliable source. By ensuring that the kratom they’re providing is organic and contaminant-free, the vendor should prioritize your health and well-being just as much as we would. Here’s how to choose the finest kratom provider from the many available online.

Testing by a Third-Party Lab

Any company selling herbal items should do third-party laboratory tests, and you should get acquainted with the complexities of laboratory testing before purchasing kratom. There are no FDA standards governing this natural product; nevertheless, if you only purchase from people who send their goods to third-party labs for screening, you will be far more likely to receive high-quality items in exchange.

Neutral labs do rigorous examinations on goods before they are offered to customers. These are referred to as third-party testing. These tests aren’t simply for providing consumers with peace of mind; they’re also a good safety practice that ensures they’ve purchased a quality product that won’t hurt their well-being.

We recommend avoiding purchasing kratom from businesses that do not state whether or not their goods have been verified by an autonomous third-party laboratory screening.

Investigate the Business

Check out the company’s history and learn about its ambition and objectives. This will help you decide if or not you can believe them with your well-being.

It is best to inquire about the entire supply chain operations. The manufacture of the stuff you obtain is one part of the organization that requires additional inquiry. To begin with, are they using herbs that have been picked responsibly and professionally, considering both the ecosystem and the individuals engaged in the procedure? You can also inquire about the growing conditions for kratom, the maturity of the plant, if it is forest or farm-grown, industrial or small-batch, etc.

Secondly, does the production method assure that the end product is clean and productive?

Throughout the process, look for references to lab-tested items and quality control.

Read the Testimonials

Learning from other customers is the best method to determine whether or not an online kratom supplier values your efforts and investment. Check the business’s site for ratings or look for information from former clients online. This offers you a clear picture of what to anticipate and allows you to reject suppliers who cause problems for their customers, such as low-quality products or poor shipping. Use merchants who will deliver high-quality kratom on time.

Customer Services

It’s not nice to engage with lousy customer service, regardless of what you’re purchasing. Pick kratom providers who not only do rigorous quality control tests on their goods but also make themselves accessible to answer your questions.


When purchasing kratom, you must be able to contact a seller with any queries you may have, and they should be eager to address them and assist you. It’s not a good signal if you contact suppliers who aren’t very attentive. 

Also, seek establishments that offer money-back guarantees. This implies that they are sure about their goods, and you will most probably get the best kratom products.

Look for a wide range of options.

You’ll need a dealer with a large selection to pick a product that suits your kratom requirements. This will also let you try out new things that you are unfamiliar with. And it is always good to be experimental and test something new in the kratom market because it’s a pretty vibrant and exciting business.

Check to see if the manufacturer sells both powders and capsules, so you can purchase whatever is most convenient for you.

Examine the Ingredients

In summary, it’s obviously a red flag if a corporation isn’t upfront about the components in each of its goods. The corporation’s website and containers should include all of the components in each product so you can assess whether or not it’s safe to eat. If you can’t discover the information, question them, and if they’re obstructive, look for another provider.

Price Comparisons 

Once you’ve found a few providers who appear to be trustworthy, compare their prices of goods. Fortunately, with numerous sellers competing, you should have no trouble finding a quality source at a fair price. If you spend a bit less, you’ll be able to buy even more kratom for yourself and your acquaintances!

Can you try a sample?

What’s the ideal technique to evaluate a new vendor? Or is it a new strain of kratom? Samples!

It’s worth seeing whether the seller provides samples or small quantities—or unique bargains—on their website. If you contact them, they could even ship it out for free (if you’re fortunate). Ordering and trying samples will immediately reveal what to predict from the company’s goods or a new strain you’re interested in exploring. However, since you’re acquiring smaller quantities, it’s pretty inexpensive, so you’ll be spending between $5 and $10 per trial. It won’t be a substantial financial loss if you don’t like it.

Safety of Kratom

As per the FDA, many kratom items are reported to carry harmful quantities of metal, leading to dependency and addictions.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identified kratom as the culprit behind 91 deaths out of greater than 27,000 overdose deaths in 27 states from mid-2016 to December 2017,. Conferring to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), most of these deaths are caused by harmful combinations with other drugs, such as opiates. The consequences of kratom can be highly uncertain because the active component varies significantly from species to species. Overdosing increases the chance of significant adverse effects such as convulsions, psychosis, cold, nausea, liver failure, and even death.

The FDA has been running after the selling of Kratom as a cure for opioid dependence and other illnesses in past years. The FDA also cautions that some goods could be contaminated with hazardous bacteria like salmonella or potentially deadly chemicals.

Various forms of Kratom Products

Kratom comes in numerous forms from which you can choose the one that suits you best.

Kratom Shots

You might well have noticed k shots in your neighborhood and questioned what they were. A kratom shot is a beverage form of kratom that can be similar to an energy drink. It will be packaged in a compact container, similar to the promised 5-hour energy shots. The bottle is usually a one-time-use item. However, these Kratom shots are a little hazardous as they aren’t 100% all-natural kratom.

The FDA does not monitor the kratom industry. Thus, the safety of large quantities of mitragynine combined with other compounds is uncertain. Before starting any new medication, you should speak with your doctor. They will be familiar with your previous and current health conditions and will be able to advise you on medicines and supplements, especially kratom. Kratom is not prescribed to treat, cure, or prevent any ailment, disease, complaint, or disorder. 

Many manufacturers will disclose the ingredients used in their products. Even with this level of transparency, contaminated or modified kratom poses risks that are not worth incurring. The best option is to consume only natural, pure types of kratom. Always make sure you’re getting your kratom from a reliable source. You will discover that high-quality kratom will give you lots of assistance you require without using any chemicals.

Kratom Powder

The powder is manufactured from the mitragyna speciosa plant leaves that have been dehydrated. The foliage will be cut, left to dry, and ground to make the powder. During the manufacture of kratom powder, no preservatives or substances will be encompassed. The label of kratom powder should state that it is made entirely of mitragyna speciosa.

Alkaloids will be existent in both the powder and the shots. The alkaloids in these items are wholly accountable for the kind of assistance you will receive from the kratom and their potency. On the other hand, kratom shots solely contain mitragynine, the primary alkaloid found in the herbal substance. Furthermore, other essential alkaloids such as 7-hydroxy mitragynine will be absent from liquid kratom injections. Kratom powder is a multi-purpose supplement. Kratom powder is a full-spectrum substance with a high alkaloid deliberation. This is because the powder passes via a separate manufacturing process.

Kratom Gummies

Kratom gummies vary from pills or powder in that they provide a different form of assistance. If you’re a fan of kratom — or have a bit of a sweet tooth — you might want to try these gummies. They’re jam-packed with potent alkaloids and provide a distinct kratom encounter. They possess the same properties as powder, capsules, and liquids. It’s a novel method to use kratom, and people from all across the globe are looking for kratom gummies.

The strain used is usually indicated on the box. They come in several strains, depending on your location and what is available. Gummies made from kratom are very popular right now, although not all sellers carry them. These gummies include kratom and are therefore a significantly intensified version. This implies that a small amount of product will go far. Be mindful of this and understand that kratom affects everyone differently. If a strain or product has helped a friend, that doesn’t mean it will help you in the same way.

You’ll appreciate how easy these gummies make it if you’re used to calculating kratom powder. No one will guess they’re laced with kratom if you carry these on the road. These gummies are an excellent option for folks who want to be covert about their kratom use. Just don’t forget what’s inside them and eat them like a regular candy! They’re not.

Kratom in a Liquid Form

Some of the most prevalent types of kratom are powders, liquid extracts, and capsules. The mitragyna speciosa leaves will be picked, processed, and ground into powder. This powder can be utilized to produce other items or supplied as is. Kratom leaves could also be utilized to make kratom extraction, a liquid form of kratom.

Additives are frequently used with liquid kratom. Numerous providers may produce liquid kratom shots instead of one product from one source. The strength of the end product might also vary depending on the kind of kratom utilized, the chemicals employed, and the strength of the final liquid.

Liquid kratom could be made in several methods, including soaking the plants in water to prepare kratom tea. Extractions, tinctures, teas, and injections are all examples of liquid kratom. Remember that liquid kratom is a type of kratom liquid extraction.

The Legality of Kratom

In the United States, Kratom is presently authorized. In Thailand, Australia, Malaysia, and most European Union nations, though, it is prohibited. The Controlled Substances Act (CSA) was proven in some states in the United States to safeguard people against uncontrolled items such as synthesized kratom, fentanyl, and other substances.

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) has been passed in four jurisdictions, and others, including Oregon, have made moves toward making Kratom lawful but controlled. The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) suggested outlawing kratom nationally in 2016. However, the plan was eventually canceled to give experts more time to perform investigations and analyses on the chemical.


Kratom has a wide range of wellness benefits. Just make sure you’re in charge of the matter from the time you buy it to when you take your next dose. Some people give up on Kratom only after sampling one variety from one vendor and not liking it, but this is a problem. If the initial product you try doesn’t provide a positive experience, don’t let it destroy your impression of the plant; give something new a shot.

If you are looking for top-notch kratom products, look no further than Topps Kratom. They offer full-spectrum K shots and capsules. You can give it a try and enjoy kratom to its best.

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Kratom and the Science Behind It

Aug 17, 2022

Kratom is a complex substance that you can learn more and more about every day. As an herbal supplement that’s been around for decades, this has given researchers plenty of time to take deep dives into what kratom is and, more so, what the science behind it looks like. After all, whenever you’re trying a new substance for your health and wellness, it’s always best to try to understand how it works within the body. To help give you a better understanding of how kratom works and the true science behind the herb, we’re breaking down everything you need to know below. From what kratom is to what science says and even the most popular products, you’ll have a more comprehensive understanding of kratom’s unique properties once you’re done reading. Let’s get started. 

What is Kratom? 

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details, it’s important to discuss the basics — such as, what is kratom? If you’ve never heard of kratom before, that’s okay! Kratom, otherwise known as mitragyna speciosa, is essentially an evergreen tree that’s a part of the coffee family genus. These trees are native to Southeast Asia, where people have been utilizing the leaves from the tree for centuries. In the past, people in places like Indonesia, Myanmar, and Thailand turned to kratom leaves for medical and therapeutic properties. Today, those ideals haven’t changed much.

People turn to kratom for so many different reasons; however, primarily, people enjoy the stimulating properties that the plant brings. In low doses, kratom is great at boosting moods, enhancing energy, and even promoting motivation. On the flip side, in high doses, the plant appears to have more sedative, sleepy properties that are better for relaxation. Until modern day advancements, people consumed kratom by simply taking the leaves and grinding them down into a fine powder. Then, you can mix the powder into food, drink, or just consume it on its own to experience the plant’s unique “opioid-like” effects. 

Today, you can find kratom in many more places than just Southeast Asia. (However, the trees themselves are still indigenous to those areas.) While the legality of kratom is still hotly debated in the US, as we will discuss later, more and more countries have allowed the consumption and sale of kratom products. This has allowed consumers of all backgrounds to experience the properties of this herbal substance.

In the past, you would typically only find kratom in powder form. But, nowadays, kratom comes in various forms depending on your personal preference and how you want to enjoy the substance. Whether you’re interested in kratom shots, infused kratom gummies, or even some easy-to-swallow capsules, there’s something out there for everyone. 

How Does Kratom Work? 

The way that kratom works depends on the consumer. However, research has found that kratom works by activating mu-opioid receptors in the brain. This is how you’re able to experience the effects that you do after consumption.

As we mentioned above, the way kratom works in the body will depend on the consumer as well as how much is consumed. Generally, in small doses, people find kratom to work wonderfully for stimulation and energy. Kratom is good at helping you feel more awake and productive, and it may be a good pick-me-up on days when you’re feeling a bit slow and foggy. Again, this commonly occurs after low doses; so, you don’t want to consume too much or you may find yourself feeling sleepy, instead.

Speaking of sleepy, kratom works in high doses by providing more sedative effects. In high doses, you’re likely to experience effects like sleepiness, muscle relaxation, and stress relief. This juxtaposes the low-dose effects of creativity, stimulation, and euphoria.  So, when you go to consume kratom, it’s important to consider how you want to feel and what effects you want to experience from the substance. If you’re looking to feel more stimulated, kratom will work best in low doses. If you’re looking to decompress more, you should consume a higher doses. 

As a reminder, though, every person will have a slightly different reaction to kratom, so you may not experience the same effects as your friends after consumption. Kratom is a unique journey from person to person, and the best way to see how it will affect you is to try some for yourself, first. But, remember, starting with a low dose tends to be best — especially if you’re new to the world of kratom! 

The Science Behind Kratom

Now that we’ve given you a little insight into how kratom works, let’s get into the science behind it all. Prepare yourself for some technical names here.

Essentially, kratom is composed of various chemical compounds, two of the main ones being mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. You’ll find mitragynine simply in the leaves of the kratom plant, while 7-hydroxymitragynine appears in the body post-kratom consumption.

The chemical compounds are extremely unique in the fact that they both activate those mu-opioid receptors we mentioned earlier. When most people talk about the effects of kratom, they describe them as being “opioid-like,” and this is why. The chemicals in the brain quite literally activate the same receptors that opioids would, only kratom is much more natural in doing so. However, when directly compared to opioids, the effects of kratom are going to be much more mild.

Research shows that while traditional opioids cause dangerous side effects because of their reactions in the body, kratom may not have those same risks. Many opioids run the risk of trouble breathing during overdoses, but this doesn’t appear to be the case with kratom. Along these same lines, the mitragynine alkaloid has direct effects on other receptors in the body that correlate with mood and energy. Thus, this is why kratom is so successful as a stimulant for so many consumers.

Even though kratom has been around for quite some time, the science behind kratom is still somewhat new and not as comprehensive as we’d like just yet. Because of that, organizations like the National Institute on Drug Abuse are conducting on-going studies to help better understand the relationship that kratom’s compounds have on the mind and body. 

Why Kratom Products Are So Popular 

Kratom products are popular for various reasons. It simply depends on the consumer!

Many people enjoy turning to kratom products because of the natural aspect. In a time where every drug, medication, and supplement is full of unhealthy additives we cannot pronounce, kratom and its organic nature are a breath of fresh air. Kratom comes straight from plants that Mother Nature provides, and you don’t have to worry about consuming any unnatural additives — especially when you purchase your products from places like Topps Kratom

Instead of turning to chemical-filled substances, kratom products allow consumers to get the relief they need in a more organic way. That being said, if you are on traditional medications and are looking to try kratom, do not stop your current medication. Instead, talk to your doctor about taking kratom to see if this would be safe. Some drugs have poor reactions to kratom, so you must consult with your primary care physician before making this choice.

In many places across the US, kratom products are incredibly easy to get. This makes them quite popular for consumers who often have to jump through hoops to get the relief they need. You can turn to reputable, licensed stores and brands who offer high-quality kratom products, and you won’t have to worry about spending an arm and a leg to get it. This aspect makes the product even more appealing for people, as feeling better shouldn’t be an obstacle course you have to go through.

Finally, kratom products are incredibly popular because they are easy to consume. Not only do they produce great effects and therapeutic results, but they’re fun and easy to enjoy throughout the process. We’ll talk about specific products in more detail next, however, you can consume kratom in interesting ways like through tasty shots and juicy gummies. This can make the journey of feeling better even more enjoyable, as you’re not wasting time with tricky tools or ill-tasting supplements. 

A Variety of Kratom Products

When you go shopping for high-quality kratom, you’re going to find that you have a lot to choose from in terms of product options. These days, it’s not just powder kratom anymore! Instead, you have the choice of consuming various kratom products depending on your personal preferences. Here are some of the most popular kratom product types and how you’ll enjoy them. 

Kratom Shots 

Here at Topps Kratom, we are well-known for our top-shelf kratom shots. Just as they sound, these are liquid shots of kratom that you consume in one or two gulps. (Think of them as a kratom version of 5-Hour Energy!) These products are perfect for those who are on the go and want to experience a quick, potent dose of kratom without any hassle. You’ll simply drink your desired dose and wait about an hour or so for effects to kick in. Once they do, the results of your kratom shots will likely hang around for between 4-6 hours. However, this depends on the person.

Topps Kratom offers both raw kratom shots and cappuccino kratom shots depending on your personal preference. If you’re someone who enjoys the natural, herbaceous notes of kratom, then the raw shot is the perfect choice for you. Our raw shots don’t contain any unnatural additives or unnatural flavors; instead, it’s sweetened with real agave and full of full-spectrum kratom extract.

If you’d rather go the coffee route, we also offer our top-shelf cappuccino kratom shot. This liquid kratom will remind you distinctly of your favorite shots of espresso — only they’ll make you feel a whole lot better. Take these shots with you wherever you go for a midday pick-me-up when you need it most. 

Kratom Capsules

If you don’t want to consume liquid kratom, you don’t have to. Kratom capsules are a great way to experience the effects of kratom without tasting it at all. These capsules are full of high-quality kratom extract that break open once they’re inside the body. You consume these products just as you would any other supplement or pill: by swallowing it with a swig of your favorite drink.

Kratom capsules take about an hour or so to kick in fully, so make sure you’re patient with consumption. At Topps Kratom, our capsules are made with maximum strength kratom, giving you potent results with just one capsule. But, despite being so potent, these capsules won’t leave you with a crash afterwards. This way, you’re able to feel uplifted and energized naturally, without worrying about it affecting you hours later.  

Kratom Gummies

For all you consumers out here with a sweet tooth, these products are for you. Kratom gummies are just as they sound: these are gummies packed with kratom extract that you consume like you would any other candy. Each gummy will have a concentrated amount of kratom inside, so typically ½ or whole gummy will suffice.

Kratom gummies are great product options for beginners, as you’re not intimidated by any weird tastes or textures. Instead, you’re able to get the full effect of kratom through the form of a tasty, juicy gummy candy. You can find kratom gummies in various flavors and strengths, too, depending on your personal preference. 

Kratom Powder  

Finally, the most well-known form of kratom is powder. These days, you can find kratom within gummies and capsules, but some original consumers will always prefer the traditional method of enjoying kratom powder. With kratom powder, you can add it to your food or drink to completely disguise the taste of the herbs, and you get the effects of the substance just a few hours later.

The easiest way to enjoy kratom powder is by taking a spoonful and adding it to your water. You’ll mix the substance until it dissolves and then drink the water as normal. Quickly, you should start to notice the effects creeping in. 

The Legality of Kratom

Kratom legality depends heavily on where you live. In the United States, kratom is currently a federally unregulated product. This means that the states themselves are left to their own devices to figure out regulations and laws regarding the product. So, while kratom may be legal in one state, in another, it may be completely illegal. Some places have also placed age restrictions on the substance, so you’d have to be a certain age to purchase kratom.

Right now, kratom is illegal in six different states:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin

Within those states, you will not be able to find any kratom for sale, nor are you allowed to possess or consume it. If you try to buy kratom online, there’s a good chance the online retailers won’t even attempt to ship you your product, as it will likely not make it through the postal service anyway. So, before purchasing, make sure you double-check the kratom laws and regulations in your area. 

There are also certain cities or municipalities within legal states that have banned the product.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that kratom is freely legal in the rest of the states in the US. In the following places, kratom is legal, but it’s also closely regulated: 

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • California – Minus San Diego, where kratom is illegal
  • Colorado – Minor Denver, where kratom is illegal for human consumption
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida – Minus Sarasota County, where kratom is illegal
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Illinois – Minus Jerseyville, where kratom is illegal; must be 18 years old to purchase, possess, and consume
  • Iowa
  • Kanasa
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana 
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota 
  • Mississippi – Minus Union County, where kratom is illegal
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska 
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire – Must be 18 years old to purchase, possess, and consume kratom
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee – Must be 21 years old to purchase, possess, and consume kratom
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming 

If you’re in one of the states where kratom is legal, it’s still important to take the time to learn about the regulations regarding the substance in your area. Some states have specific rules that apply to residents that may be important to know. This way, you’re always staying on the right side of the law. 


The science behind kratom is a bit complicated, but it makes a lot of sense once you’ve experienced the substance for yourself. While we’re still learning more and more about this herbal supplement, it’s essential to stay on top of current kratom research to better understand how the substance works in the body. This way, you can better recognize how kratom may help you.

If you’re ready to try some kratom products for yourself, head on over to Topps Kratom’s huge online selection. We have all the kratom products you want and need to have the best journey you’ve had yet. Pick out the products that most appeal to you and Topps Kratom will ship you your top-shelf kratom in just a matter of days. Soon, you’ll be able to see firsthand just how kratom works for you. 

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Kratom: What is it and Why People Buy Kratom Gummies

May 13, 2022
kratom gummies

Almost everyone has heard of kratom – a supplement that has been used not just across the country, but around the globe. We ask, however, if you’ve heard of kratom, have you heard of kratom gummies?

If you haven’t and enjoy consuming kratom or are curious to try it, now may be the time to take the plunge and try it out! Still a little confused about why people love this form of kratom? Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons for its popularity.

What is Kratom?

Though we are still at the start of the research, NBC News reported that 15 million people consume kratom in the U.S. alone, and that number is still growing. In short, kratom is a native to Southeast Asia and belongs to the coffee plant family. Also known as ketum, kakuam and thom, Kratom is a natural substance obtained from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree. 

Due to its opiate-like potential, kratom has been reported to provide a number of useful benefits. As mentioned, this is because when consumed, kratom has the ability to activate receptors in the brain receptors.

Amazing as the current scientific findings have been, there is still much research to be conducted on not only the short-term effects of kratom but also the long-term effects. There are many different forms of kratom products available on the market, including kratom extracts, kratom capsules, kratom powder, and kratom shots — but perhaps the most increasingly popular are kratom gummies.

As the Kratom industry continues to grow not just nationwide, but globally, we are starting to see some really innovative creative products pouring into the market.

What is Kratom Gummies?

Now that we’ve learned a little about kratom, what it is, and its benefits, let’s take a moment down memory lane to remember the earlier time of the kratom market. Before it was no problem finding and purchasing kratom capsules or kratom powder. But now, things have changed greatly. Customers are able to find a variety of different kratom products in a number of different forms.

Once an obscure wellness supplement, we’ve definitely come a long way from those days, with more and more people consuming kratom using different delivery methods. Those who are seasoned consumers of kratom now have more options than before — on the other hand, newbies are finding it easier (and possibly more fun) to start their kratom journey with so many options available. Certainly, the world of kratom edibles goes much deeper than what has been offered in the past.

The product that seems to have everyone raving is kratom edibles. Not only are they delicious infused edible goods, but they come in a variety of different tasty products. So, what is a kratom gummy? Well, in a nutshell, a kratom gummy is defined as any edible product that’s been infused with kratom. 

Perhaps the most fundamental difference between kratom gummies and other kratom products is the taste. Kratom is a natural substance and thus, most times tastes just like where it came from — the earth. However, when it comes to kratom gummies, this earthy taste gets canceled out and becomes a therapeutic, tasty treat. This isn’t just the case with Kratom, however. The herbaceous taste is provided by many plant-derived substances, Certainly, this taste can turn some new consumers away from trying kratom in any form. Nonetheless, this type of Kratom product is on the rise and has made it easier than ever to overcome the natural flavor. Not only the taste, but consumers are also turning to kratom gummies for the awesome convenience they offer. Besides Kratom capsules, kratom gummies may be one of the easiest products to take on the go and can be eaten like any other candy or a delicious snack.

As far as their effects go, kratom gummy’s work similarly to other kratom products. As we mentioned earlier, there are unique chemical compounds such as alkaloids found in the kratom plant, which include mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine. And, once consumed these chemical compounds produce an energizing or calming effect by targeting internal receptors in the body.

Kratom Gummies Are Affordable 

These kinds of kratom and products are typically not expensive. Therefore, they are an affordable way to enjoy kratom in the form of a gummy. You don’t have to worry about wasting any product or trying to figure out the precise dose of kratom with gummies — which in turn, really gives you more bang for your buck.

Kratom Gummies Are from Mother Nature

Kratom is often viewed as an herb that was given by mother nature as a gift. We learned earlier that the substance is obtained from the foliage of the Mitragynine speciosa tree. This tropical tree is found to grow throughout much of SouthEast Asia. 

Kratom Gummies Are Discreet

Kratom gummies appear as candy treats. People will not think twice about eating them! Talk about a great way to enjoy a natural supplement in peace and with total discretion.

Kratom Gummies Are Portable 

No matter if you have a pocket, stash box, purse, or car glove department, you can easily store kratom gummies without issue. This offers maximum portability as they are compact-sized and easy to carry — you’ll never have to be without your kratom gummies!

Kratom Gummies Give Perfect Doses Every Time

There is no need to scoop, light, or squeeze anything with kratom gummies. With this form of kratom, consumers can enjoy a specially formulated dose, which helps ensure they know exactly how much they are ingesting with every bite — it’s as simple as 1,2,3z.

Is Kratom Legal? 

The short answer is yes. And almost every region of the United States, Kratom is legal. However, we should say that there are some places such as cities and counties where officials have prohibited the use and sale of Kratom. That being said, you should be sure to do your own research and check your local laws before you decide to buy not only kratom gummies but any type of Keaton product — you don’t want to break any laws.

Why People Choose Kratom Gummies

No matter if you like fruity, tangy, or chocolatey flavors, there is a wide range of tastes found on the kratom gummy market that suits everyone. Keaton gummies are also formulated into different shapes, which makes them more appealing to consumers and breaks the dull monotony of other kratom products. As we mentioned, compared to other kratom delivery methods, kratom gummies are portable, discreet, tasty, and affordable.

Keaton Gummies For Improved Concentration

You might find it helpful to consume kratom gummies to help improve your focus if you have difficulty focusing. There is no standard time that you must consume kratom gummies — whether you’re at work, home, or school, kratom gummies can be taken anywhere and any time you feel you need to concentrate. By stimulating the production of acetylcholine neurotransmitters, kratom gummies are able to help you stay productive, alert, and focused.


While we know kratom comes in many forms, of them all, edibles such as kratom gummies have been some of the best means to enjoy a natural herb, in a tasty way. As we’ve learned, not only do benefits last longer, but because kratom gummies appear as your typical candy gummy, they are able to be enjoyed discreetly. Not only this, but they seem to provide a number of benefits without the negative side effects. Kratom, in any form, is a natural alternative that can do the body a whole lot of good. And as time progresses, we are hoping to discover even more about its great therapeutic potential

If you’re interested to try, we recommend before trying kratom gummies buy from a company that offers high-quality products — and at Topps Kratom, we do just that! You can view our online menu to find out what works best for you!

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Best Guide: How Kratom Works and Different Types of Kratom Products

May 10, 2022

When it comes to kratom, there’s a lot to know about this natural, herbal substance and how it works. Before trying kratom, it’s good to have a full understanding of the different product options you have and which are ideal for you. Let us help you.

Here is our ultimate guide to how kratom works and the different types of products you’ll come across. 

What is Kratom? 

Let’s begin with the basics. Mitragyna speciosa, also known as kratom, belongs to the evergreen tree family. You’ll find these trees native to Southeast Asia, primarily in places like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Myanmar. People will take the leaves of the tree and grind them down into a fine powder, making it easy to consume. Kratom’s therapeutic properties have been cherished by humans for centuries, and we continue to embrace them today. 

What Exactly is Liquid Kratom? 

Nowadays, you’ll find kratom extract in various forms, not just powders. Specifically, liquid kratom is becoming more and more popular as people discover the ease of consuming their herbs this way. But, what exactly is liquid kratom? 

Just as it sounds, these types of products offer kratom in a liquid, drinkable/consumable form. Manufacturers take kratom powder and extract certain alkaloids to make a more concentrated product. Liquid kratom is also more concentrated because it requires several leaves to curate. (So, if you were wondering why it was pricer than kratom powder, here’s your answer!). Most producers craft liquid kratom by mixing the extract with water, but some brands may use different ingredients or techniques, so always check with the company before purchasing.

With liquid kratom, some companies choose to add additional flavors to create a more appealing drinkable. Others will stick with the herbal, plant-like profile that kratom naturally produces. It simply depends! So, you have to find what appeals to you most. When consuming any form of liquid kratom, you have to keep in mind the potency and higher concentration. Certain forms of liquid kratom, such as extracts and tinctures, will kick in only after a few minutes and you’ll experience strong effects from even small doses. Remember that the higher the dose you consume, the sleepier you’re likely to feel. So, take it easy with your liquid kratom! (Unless you’re trying to sleep, that is.)

Now that we’ve mentioned kratom extracts and tinctures, you’re probably wondering, “What are the different types of liquid kratom?” Well, let’s explain. 

What are the Different Types of Liquid Kratom? 

As of right now, there are about three different types of liquid kratom. But, that doesn’t mean this won’t change in the future! Kratom has been popular for thousands of years, and we’re still coming up with new ways to enjoy this unique herbal extract. You never know what kind of liquid kratom you will come across in the next few years!

Today, though, we’re going to break down kratom shots, kratom tinctures/extracts, and kratom drinks like tea.

Let’s start with kratom shots. 

Kratom Shots 

The name of these guys gives it all away. Kratom shots are literally drinkable shots of kratom! You enjoy these like you would a 5hr Energy or lemon-ginger shot, drinking either half or the whole shot at once. Here at Topps Kratom, our kratom shots all come with two servings in them, so the choice is yours whether or not to drink the whole thing. 

Kratom shots contain a highly concentrated form of kratom extract alongside other ingredients like L-Theanine and certain flavor extracts to make the taste more appealing. These additives bring out even more results for the consumer, creating an overall more enhanced experience. Topps Kratom’s Raw Kratom Shots include full-spectrum kratom and natural, raw agave sweetener — the perfect recipe for an ideal kratom journey.

You can also choose to try something even more stimulating like our Cappuccino Kratom Shot. This shot of kratom-infused cappuccino is the perfect pick-me-up in the middle of your day when you’re starting to slow down. Topps delicately doses our kratom shots so that even two full servings aren’t going to leave you sleeping on the couch, either. 

Kratom Tincture

If you don’t want to try a kratom shot but are still interested in liquid kratom, you can turn to a kratom tincture. To make a kratom tincture, professionals will take raw kratom extract and soak it in an ethanol-water mixture where it’s left to sit for several weeks. As time passes, the alcohol will begin absorbing kratom’s properties into the liquid.

Once the tincture has been set for quite some time, professionals will then strain any solid components out. Then, you’re left with a kratom tincture that you can easily dose and place right into your food, drink, or directly into your mouth. Kratom extracts are made in a similar way but without alcohol. Manufacturers will instead boil down the leaves several times until a thick paste remains. Then, they mix this paste with liquids like water to create a consumable, liquid form. Extracts are extremely potent and pure, and you can consume them sublingually or orally depending on your preference. 

Both of these types of liquid kratom start to work rapidly in the body. They’re some of the most fast-acting kratom products on the market; so, if you’re looking to experience potent results quickly, kratom tinctures and extracts are the way to go. 

Kratom Tea

Finally, you may also come across drinkable kratom products like kratom tea. Again, these products are just as they sound: tea infused with kratom powder! Kratom teas are extremely straightforward and easy to make yourself as long as you have the powder and some tea blends you enjoy. You can also use kratom leaves if you have those, instead.

While fun and tasty, kratom tea may take a bit longer to take effect than your kratom extract. You will have to be patient and let the tea work its magic in your body first. You may find yourself waiting anywhere from 30 min to two hours for the effects to fully kick in, so be patient! This is simply because of the way you consumed the herb and how it must work through the body first. Since you can make kratom tea, you can turn it into any flavor you desire! If you enjoy sweeter tea, you can always add a bit of honey; if you like it more herbal, try making it with raw kratom leaves and steeping it. You’ll get a wonderful herbaceous blend that way. The choices are endless!   

Kratom Gummies

We know, we know: kratom gummies are not a form of liquid kratom. Even so, their popularity makes them a noteworthy form of kratom. Technically, kratom gummies are made using kratom extract; thus, these sweet treats can be incredibly potent and concentrated.

With kratom gummies, you may have to wait anywhere from 15-60 minutes before the effects present themselves fully. Eating so much before consuming your gummy may slow the onset time of effects because of absorption. For the quickest results, we’d recommend consuming your kratom gummy about 30-45 minutes before eating or 1.5-2 hours after you’ve finished your meal.  

The Legality of Kratom 

Today, kratom is not federally regulated by the US government. This means it is up to the states to create their own regulations surrounding the sale and consumption of kratom if they so choose. So, some states in the US have criminalized the herbal substance while others have legalized it but placed certain regulations.

Kratom is currently illegal in six states in the US. It is illegal to purchase, possess, sell, or consume kratom and kratom products in the following places: 

  • Alabama 
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin

Kratom is also banned in San Diego, California; Denver, Colorado; Sarasota County, Florida; Jerseyville, Illinois; and Union County, Mississippi. If Kratom cannot be purchased or consumed in these states or if you live there or are traveling there. Do not try bringing your kratom from a legal state, as this can have serious legal repercussions. As much as we’d love for you to enjoy kratom no matter where you’re at, this simply cannot happen.

The rest of the states in the country have legalized the substance, even putting strict regulations in place to ensure quality and purity. In fact, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and Utah have all passed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act which works to regulate kratom and protects consumers’ health.  

Kratom Effects 

The effects of kratom are going to vary from person to person. Kratom can help you feel more positive and like yourself whenever you are feeling down or in need of a pick-me-up. 

How Much Does Liquid Kratom Cost?

We briefly touched on this earlier, but liquid kratom may have a bit of a higher price tag than other kratom products like Kratom capsules or powders. This is because it takes a more extensive process to craft the product, and multiple leaves are often needed. Thus, brands must sell these products at a slightly higher price point to make up for the cost of production. But, still, liquid kratom isn’t going to break the bank, especially when you buy it from someplace like Topps. 

Here at Topps Kratom, we make sure all of our kratom products — liquid or not — are affordable. We sell our high-quality kratom shots starting at $19.99 for a 0.5 fl oz option. You can also buy a 3, 6, or 12-pack if you want to stock up!

The price of liquid kratom will depend on where you buy it from. When comparing your options, take more than just the price into account. You want to check product quality, ingredient quality, and company transparency, as well. All of that is what makes Topps Kratom the best — and most affordable — a place to purchase your top-shelf kratom. 

What is the Time Limit to Getting High on Kratom? 

Kratom can get you high within minutes depending on the way you consume it. As we mentioned above, some products like shots and teas may take anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours to get you high, as your body has to first digest the kratom and whatnot. However, kratom extracts will likely take less time, closer to 10-15 minutes, especially if you consume it sublingually.

If you’ve been holding onto your kratom products for a while now and aren’t sure they’re still good, we’ll help you decide. Typically, kratom products are still safe for consumption between 1-3 months after storing. However, after this, if you aren’t keeping your kratom in good condition, then your product will expire and you will no longer reap the effects of the herb.

You won’t experience the same potency as you would get from fresh kratom, so don’t let your products sit for too long. Store your kratom in similar ways to other herbs and tea blends: cool, dry places are key. You also don’t want to keep your kratom anywhere near harsh UV lights, as this can degrade the herb’s potency quickly.

If you have an airtight container, that will be the best storage option for your kratom. This prevents any excess moisture, bacteria, and air from getting in and damaging your beloved herbs.  

How Long Does a Kratom High Last?

How long a kratom high lasts depends significantly on the type of kratom you consume and your individual body chemistry. If you enjoyed liquid kratom, then these effects are likely going to linger for hours. Some people will feel the effects of kratom edibles or drinkables up to 8 hours after consumption depending on the strength. Other products like smokable kratom will have immediate effects, but they aren’t going to last long. A kratom high from smoking will fade within about an hour. Again, the stronger the dose you consume, the longer you will feel the effects.

Many consumers have also found that the duration of a kratom high varies significantly depending on where they get their kratom from. This demonstrates that higher-quality kratom from places like Topps will likely produce longer, more effective results than kratom from low-quality producers who use poor ingredients. 


This may have been a lot of information to take in at once about liquid kratom, but now, you know practically everything there is about this unique form of the herb. And, here at Topps Kratom, we want all of our customers to be as knowledgeable about our products as possible; after all, this helps you pick out the best product choice for you.

Now that you’re familiar with what liquid kratom is, the different forms, and how it works, it’s time to try some for yourself. Kratom is legal in many states, so you can purchase your high-quality kratom shots, capsules, or even gummies right from your home. Thanks to online retailers like Topps Kratom, we’re able to get you your ideal kratom product at your convenience.

Feel free to take the time to read more about our kratom products, how we make them, and even about Topps Kratom as a brand. Soon, you’ll be more than ready to place an order yourself and have some kratom shots waiting for you in your mailbox. 

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Kratom Dosage Guide

Apr 26, 2022

Kratom is a unique botanical herb that can offer various effects. However, you want to make sure you’re consuming the right amount for your mind and body. When you find your ideal kratom dosage, you’ll find your experiences to be even more impactful. But, what is the right dose of kratom for you — and how do you find that out?

In our kratom dosage guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about dosing kratom, different types of kratom, and why proper dosing is so important. Let’s get started. 

How Much Kratom Should I Take? 

Before you start consuming your favorite kratom product, you should always take the time to ask yourself, “How much kratom should I take?” If you don’t consider dosing before consumption, you may find yourself having an unpleasant experience. After all, our bodies are going to react differently to different amounts of substances. Thus, considering dosage is crucial to having your best kratom experience possible. 

As much as we’d love to say that there’s a one-size-fits-all perfect dose of kratom, there isn’t. Every consumer will find a unique amount of this herb that works best for them. With this in mind, you have to be a little patient. It may take some trial and error to find your ideal dose! But, with our help, you can start determining the best kratom product for you and what strength you should start with. 

First, let’s start by breaking down how to calculate kratom dosing, and then we’ll look at the different types of products you can choose from — and how their potencies vary. 

What’s the Best Dose of Kratom? 

Once again, there is no “best” dose of kratom. Kratom is going to act differently within the body, giving people unique experiences based on personal doses. If you’re new to kratom, you will need to take a much smaller dose than someone who has tried it multiple times. Therefore, the doses will be different! 

However, it is easy to calculate kratom doses and discover what may be best for you. In general, it’s recommended to always begin with a very small dose and see how your body reacts. Then, you can consume a bit more each time until you find an amount that makes you feel how you want. When increasing your kratom amount, you want to do so slowly and in small increments. Now, you’re probably wondering how someone goes about dosing kratom in the first place. Let’s explain. 

How to Calculate Kratom Dosage

Kratom, like many other substances, is measured in grams. You’ll likely find products offering doses in milligrams, as well. If you have powdered kratom, you’ll find that a pure teaspoon of kratom powder equals about 2 grams. A tablespoon, then, comes out to about 6-7 grams. If you’re measuring your kratom powder this way, make sure you pay close attention to

Typically anything under 2 grams is considered a microdose. This is ideal for people who are getting into kratom and just want to experience mild effects. Microdosing is also great for consumption over time and ensuring that you consistently experience the effects of this great herb. 

When you consume more than 2 grams, you’re having a moderate to a strong dose of kratom. Anything over 6 grams is considered quite strong and should only be consumed by the most experienced consumers. Again, most people stay in the 2 grams and under range, as this dose still produces wonderfully beneficial results. But, if you need something strong, you can increase your dose just a few milligrams at a time.

Best Kratom Dose for Energy & Focus 

If you’re wanting to enjoy kratom for a boost of energy and focus, consumers find low to mild doses ideal for stimulation. Usually, the more kratom you consume, the more sedative the effects are going to be. Thus, staying around the 2 – 4 gram dose may be effective for giving you a nice dose of energy.

Kratom doses at this level can help you perform and function better daily. You’ll likely feel more focused and productive, allowing you to complete your to-do list without hesitation. But, do be aware that high doses may create the opposite effect. So, stick with a low dose of kratom — maybe around one gram — at first to see how this may affect you. Chances are, you’ll be feeling more stimulated and upbeat in no time. 

Kratom Dosage of Different Products

When you’re trying to decide your ideal kratom dosage, you have to consider the types of products you’re consuming. Different products have different kratom concentrations, and they also function uniquely in the body. The way that the kratom breaks down — and the way you consume it — can directly affect the potency of the substance in the system. Thus, it’s important for us to establish the different kratom doses you find depending on your ideal product. 

First and foremost, if you’re trying kratom in its powder form, you have to keep in mind the dosing guide we mentioned earlier. Only about one teaspoon is necessary for most doses, as that is already about two grams. If you’re new and consuming powder kratom, start with half (or even less than half) of a teaspoon. If this doesn’t create the effects you want, you know you can try a little bit more next time. 

Because raw kratom powder is difficult to measure, you have to be extra careful when dosing. Always measure closely and use an accurate teaspoon. If you just eyeball it or use a spoon itself, this is going to create inaccurate doses and you may end up consuming more than you intend. Thus, be vigilant and pay attention to just how much kratom you’re putting in your teaspoon.  

Recommended Kratom Shots Dosage

Kratom shots are something we’re proud to offer here at Topps Kratom. These are liquid shots of kratom that you drink as you would a wellness or energy shot. Each one of our kratom shots has two servings of kratom, so you can choose to either drink half or the whole shot depending on how strong of a dose you want to consume. 

If you haven’t yet tried kratom, we’d suggest starting with just one serving and seeing how it works. Once you become more comfortable and build up a bit of a tolerance, you can drink the whole shot in one go. However, always do this with discretion and understanding of kratom’s potency. With kratom shots, your body gets a quick dose of liquid kratom that’s easily broken down. Compared to other products like capsules, this form of kratom will get to work quickly and last for several hours.  

Recommended Kratom Capsules Dosage

At Topps Kratom, we offer high-quality, pure kratom capsules for you to enjoy. In our capsules, we pack each one full of 70 mg, making them the perfect dose for beginners and those looking to get comfortable with kratom. If you’re more experienced with kratom, you can take both capsules that our two-packs come with, giving you stronger effects. But, first-time consumers and those still new to kratom should try just one capsule. 

Do keep in mind that kratom capsules may take a bit longer to take effect than other products. However, this doesn’t mean they’re any less potent! On the contrary, these kratom capsules are incredibly potent, offering a concentrated dose of kratom that you can consume on the go. This form of kratom is incredibly discreet, making them ideal for everyday use. But, just make sure you’re patient when waiting for effects! They will come — your body just has to break down the capsules first.   

Recommended Dosage of Kratom Gummies 

Dosing your kratom gummies is both easy and tasty. Our gummies come pre-infused with 10 mg of kratom in each, giving you a subtle yet beneficial experience with every bite. 10 mg is an ideal dosage to start with regarding gummies, as this concentrated dose of kratom can be quite intense. 

If 10 mg isn’t enough for you, that’s okay! You can always consume another gummy to double your dose and get the strength you’re looking for. That’s one of the best things about kratom gummies: they’re delicious, so you won’t mind consuming another dose when needed. But, always remember how potent these candies can be! You don’t want to take too many just because they taste good. 

How to Measure Your Kratom Dosage 

When you’re measuring your kratom dosage, you want to make sure you pay close attention to the amount you’re using. If you are working with raw kratom powder, the best route to go is by using a digital scale. You can scoop out about a teaspoon of kratom and then place it on the scale to see how many grams you’ve collected. From there, you can add or subject your kratom powder depending on the strength of the dose you want to achieve. 

When you buy products through Topps Kratom, you don’t have to worry much about measuring your own dose. Our products come pre-dosed and ready for you. So, with your gummies and capsules, you know exactly how much kratom you’re consuming every time. When having these, it may be best to mark down how much you consumed to keep track of your doses and discover what’s best. 

With your kratom shots, measuring your dose is going to come down to how much you drink. If you only drink half of your shot, you’ve had one full serving. If you consume the whole thing, you’ve had two servings. 

How Long Does Kratom Last? 

The effects of kratom are going to last different amounts of time depending on a few factors such as age, body weight, amount of kratom you consumed, and genetics. In general, though, the half-life of kratom is around 24 hours. Thus, it’ll be close to five days before the substance is out of the system entirely. Depending on the product you consumed, you may feel the actual effects of your kratom for between 4 – 8 hours.

Studies show that kratom’s effects last longer within older populations than it does within younger populations. The body takes longer to break down the metabolites, struggling a bit more to flush them out of the system as the days go by. Thus, the half-life of kratom in an older person will be longer than that of a young person. Those with higher body weights will also have kratom in their system for longer than someone who has less fat. This is because of the substance’s fat-soluble composition. 

How Much Kratom Is Too Much?

Taking too much kratom can be quite dangerous for a person. We promise — that you only need a small dose to help you feel your best. Do not try taking more than your body is used to. 

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What is Kratom & What Does Kratom Do?

Apr 18, 2022
Topps Kratom

Kratom has been popular with people for centuries. It has been used for a number of different purposes throughout time. This article will cover many of the questions you might have when considering using kratom. If you are already well versed in kratom and are just looking for the best place to purchase your kratom products online, then look no further than Topps Kratom. They offer a wide variety of kratom products that are sure to fit your particular needs. 

What is Kratom

Mitragyna speciosa Korth, better known as Kratom, is a tree that originated in the tropics of Thailand and other areas of Southeast Asia. Kratom is a relative of the coffee tree, reaching heights of around fifty feet. Kratom started out being utilized by natives of Southeast Asia as an herbal remedy. It was most often used as a form of stimulant by workers, who chewed the leaves during the workday. Natives also used kratom to manage opioid withdrawal. 

As time went on, the people in southeast Asia found more uses for kratom. These include using it as medicine as well as during religious ceremonies. Governments in Asia began taking steps to outlaw the planting of kratom trees in 1943, but it found a popular place with consumers overseas in the US soon after. Kratom has remained a popular product and has several variations on the market today. You can find it in some shops or online at sites like Topps Kratom. 

What Does Kratom Do?

Kratom is highly reactive with the opioid receptors in your brain. Keep in mind any medicinal effects are not necessarily verified. 

Is Kratom Legal?

Kratom legality varies by state. Although it is federally legal, a few states have outlawed the sale and production of kratom. Others have opted to let kratom remain legal but at a more regulated level. It is important to be well versed in the laws regarding kratom in your area before purchase or use. 

There has been pressure on the United States DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) to make kratom illegal at the federal level. In fact, in August 2016 they almost answered those calls, as they announced the decision to list kratom on the list of Schedule 1 drugs, alongside heroin and ecstasy. This decision was overturned shortly after. That being said, the DEA has listed kratom on the list of Drugs and Chemicals of Concern. 

The reason for the debate on the legality of kratom comes from supporters who are vocal about the benefits of responsible use. Some notable states where kratom has been outlawed are Alabama, Arkansas, Rhode Island, Indiana, Vermont, and Wisconsin. This list is relatively small for now but more states could be added anytime. The other states in the US allow kratom use but with some regulation for purchase. Be sure to stay updated on the kratom laws in your area before purchasing. 

Globally kratom faces far more scrutiny, as it is illegal in several different countries, including Australia, Japan, and South Korea. 

How Much Does Kratom Cost?

The price of kratom can vary but generally fall within some standard range. There are three main forms that kratom is purchasable. These are edibles, capsules, and liquid shots. 

Kratom gummies are popular because they can be infused with tasty flavors in an easily digestible form. The servings are carefully dosed with the proper amount of kratom so you don’t have to worry about taking too much or too little. Topps Kratom uses a sweet raw agave recipe to create their kratom gummies. The price of kratom gummies is an average of twenty to twenty-five USD.

Kratom capsules are another popular product on the market. They are popular for convenience and discreteness. The kratom is carefully portioned so the user can eliminate all guesswork for the proper dosage. Prices vary but generally hover around twenty USD a pack. 

By far the most used form of kratom is kratom shots. This liquid form of kratom is a customer favorite due to its easy-to-use nature. Topps Kratom uses an all-natural agave sweetener to add some sweet flavor to the shots. 

No matter what way you choose to use kratom, you should always be sure to use it responsibly and always follow the recommended doses. 

How To Use Kratom?

This includes only buying kratom products from reputable dealers, like Topps Kratom, and following the recommended dosages. Picking out your favorite way of using kratom is another major part of kratom use. If you prefer liquid forms of kratom then kratom shots are a great choice for you. Using kratom shots is very simple. All you have to do is open it up and drink it, then wait for the effects to begin.

Kratom capsules work the same way. The doses are carefully portioned and are released into your body as you begin to digest the capsule. This is one of the more discreet ways to use kratom. Similarly, kratom gummies only need to be ingested and your body will do the rest of the work for you. These are the tastiest way to ingest kratom for those who value taste. 

No matter what way you choose to use kratom, you should remember to use it in moderation. There can be some tolerance build-up after some substantial kratom usage. Users might find themselves having to take more for the same effects after some time. 

How Much Kratom To Take? 

The proper dosage can vary by user and will likely involve some trial and error before a good equilibrium dosage is found. Lower doses, one gram or less, are ideal for users with lower tolerance like first-time users or microdosers. Upping the dose to two grams, what is considered a mild dose, will produce a more noticeable stimulating effect. These include perceived improved productivity and heightened mood. This is a great dosage for those with a bit more tolerance or experience with kratom.

This is a great option for users who are experienced with lower doses of kratom and are working their way up to a more potent dose. 

Five to six grams is considered a potent dose. This dosage is only appropriate for those very experienced with kratom use. It is not recommended to exceed a dosage of seven grams. Teas and coffee are said to have a significant effect on potency, along with some spices like turmeric and cayenne pepper. 

The act of incorporating another ingredient to boost the effects of kratom is called potentiating. The potentiators being the natural ingredients, react with the kratom to create a boosting effect. A common reason for the use of potentiators is when a user has built up a high tolerance. 

Staying hydrated can increase overall wellness while also helping disperse the kratom in your body. Another way to enhance your kratom experience is to keep a kratom journal. A kratom journal can help you document your experiences and what strains treated you the best. It can also help to keep up with your dosages and frequency of use. Having insight into your usage can help you reflect on how to make your next kratom experience even better. 

Where To Buy Kratom?

Not all kratom producers are made equally. It’s extremely important to only buy kratom from distributors with a reputation for quality, safe products. You can often find kratom at smoke shops or gas stations and even in some health stores, where it can be found in the supplement aisle. 

When buying in-store, always do some research on the brand you are interested in to find out as much information as you can. Being informed is a great way to be sure that you are buying a quality product and not some potentially dangerous brand. 

When purchasing online you can cut out all the guesswork and use Topps Kratom to purchase all of your kratom products. They offer gummies, capsules, and shots of only the highest quality kratom. They are specially formulated to ensure that you have a great experience and don’t have any adverse side effects like crashing afterward. 

Various Products of Kratom

The three biggest forms of kratom are all offered by Topps Kratom. They are kratom shots, kratom gummies, and kratom capsules. The kratom shots are a simple and tasty way to enjoy kratom and all its benefits. They are prepackaged and portioned with a proper dose for you to drink like you would an energy shot. 

Kratom gummies come in a variety of flavors and are by far the tastiest way to enjoy kratom. Just eat the recommended amount and you can enjoy the benefits of kratom and also a tasty snack. With an almost endless amount of gummy flavors on the market, you are sure to find one that suits your tastes. 

Finally, the kratom capsules are the most discreet way to enjoy kratom. The capsules digest and release the kratom into the body while you go on about your day normally. These are a great choice for someone who needs a boost during the day but isn’t keen on eating or drinking their kratom.

Finding out which way to enjoy kratom is best for you is part of the fun when using kratom. If you aren’t sure, try them all out and see what clicks for you. Everyone is different and your preference for kratom use will likely differ from someone else, so there is no best way to use kratom. 

Is Kratom Safe?

This is a highly debatable topic, and without much scientific evidence, it’s been difficult for the medical community to come to a unanimous conclusion. It is speculated that at the proper dosage, all-natural kratom is safe for human consumption. As with any consumable, there is risk involved when used in excess, so be aware of the recommended dosage and stick to your threshold. As you get more familiar with kratom and its effects, you will find out what dosage is proper for your tolerance level. 

There is controversy around the supposed addictive qualities of kratom. Keep in mind that moderation is a key part of kratom use and that any substance when used in excess, can be abused. There is not enough verifiable evidence to say that kratom is addictive. When used as intended, kratom is no more addictive than a cup of coffee or an energy drink. That being said, those with addictive tendencies or other substance addictions should avoid kratom.

When kratom is used in excess, and at higher doses than recommended, there can be some adverse effects. As long as you use kratom safely and as intended, it is thought to be perfectly safe. Keep in mind this is not verified by any concrete data and is dependent on the quality of your kratom being pure and safe. The unregulated nature of kratom in the US market makes it so that many less than desirable products make it to stores for sale. Be aware of the brands you are purchasing or shop online at Topps Kratom for peace of mind. 


This overview of kratom and its benefits is available so you can make an informed decision when thinking about starting your journey with kratom. Kratom has a long history and is seemingly here to stay. It retains a place at the top of the market, with new people trying it out every day. 

If kratom is something that interests you, or you are an experienced kratom user looking to purchase only the highest quality products, then Topps Kratom is where you should begin. They offer only the best kratom products, specially formulated for maximum potency and quality. They are a safe reputable brand, backed by a great consumer reputation. 

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How Long Does Kratom Stay In Your System?

Apr 13, 2022
Topps Kratom

Consumption brings a lot of questions, though, — and rightly so! After all, whenever you’re enjoying a natural substance like kratom, it’s crucial to understand the ins and outs of the botanical. So, that leads us to our main question: how long does kratom stay in your system?

Here, not only will we be addressing how long kratom stays in the body, but we’ll also talk more in-depth about where kratom lingers, if it will influence a drug test, and more. Let’s get started.

What is Kratom?

Before we talk about how long kratom stays in the system, let’s discuss what kratom is in the first place. Kratom is an herbal botanical that people have utilized for centuries in medicinal and spiritual practices.

Even though kratom, or mitragyna speciosa, is technically a type of evergreen tree that is native to Southeast Asia, you don’t have to consume it in that form. People take the leaves from the tree and typically dry them out, eventually grinding them up into a fine powder. From there, they can put the powder in capsules, mix them into tinctures, or even infuse the substance into sweet treats like gummies. The potential behind this natural tropical botanical is truly remarkable. And that’s why Topps Kratom is proud to sell our own high-quality products.

An Overview of Kratom’s Half-Life

When talking about how long kratom stays in the system, it’s crucial to consider the substance’s half-life.

A half-life refers to the time it takes for the quantity of a substance to reach half of its potency after consumption. So, here, we’re discussing how long it takes for kratom to become about half as potent as it was initially, as this helps demonstrate how quickly the substance breaks down in the system.

Thanks to research and multiple studies, it appears as though kratom has a half-life of close to 24 hours. That means that, theoretically, it’ll take about a day for your kratom dose to reduce to 50% within the body.

Of course, these numbers are going to vary a little depending on the consumer. Those who have consumed a lot of kratom in their life, or someone who has a different body type than someone else, may find that the kratom stays in the system longer than someone else. Certain types of kratom extracts may break down in the body quicker than others. Research suggests that the quickest half-life ever recorded from a kratom extract was around two hours, making it about a day for the entire substance to leave the body. Thus, it simply depends.

But, technically, the half-life of kratom is around 24 hours; it’s important to keep this in mind before consuming.

How to Enjoy Kratom

Enjoying kratom is the easiest part of it all. You can consume kratom in various ways depending on what’s most appealing to you.

Here at Topps Kratom, we offer various product types. If you’re interested in a sweet treat that gives you a potent dose of kratom, then our Kratom gummies are the best choice for you. These are gummy candies we have infused with varying amounts of kratom to give you a tasty, herbal experience. Topps Kratom gummies are tropical flavored, bringing you a picturesque island with every chew.

If you’re not a fan of gummies, that’s okay! You can always try our kratom capsules instead. Just as the name suggests, these are capsules we’ve filled with kratom extract. You’ll consume these products as you would any other pill or capsule: just place it in your mouth and swallow with the help of water or your favorite beverage.

Finally, you can also enjoy our high-quality kratom shots. These are drinkable extracts that you consume in one go, just like you would a regular shot of alcohol — thankfully, these taste a whole lot better. Each bottle contains two whole servings, so keep this in mind before consumption.

How you consume your kratom completely depends on you and your personal preferences. Every person has unique tastes, and it’s important to find the product that works best for you. That being said, don’t be afraid to experiment a bit and try them all! This way, you know exactly how each product functions in your body — and which you enjoy the most.

How Long Does Kratom Stay in Your System?

Now that we’ve addressed the basics, let’s answer the question we’ve all been wondering: how long does kratom stay in your system?

First and foremost, we have to establish that kratom stays in different parts of your system for varying amounts of time. While the substance may not be present in your blood, it could very well still be lingering in your urine. Thus, it’s crucial to differentiate what part of the body you’re concerned about kratom still being present in.

If we look at the half-life data we presented earlier, we can get a general idea as to how long kratom stays in the body. Again, the botanical has a half-life of about 24 hours. That means that it would take a little over five days for the entirety of the substance to leave the system. As we established before, this will depend on what kind of kratom you consumed, your tolerance levels, and more. But, theoretically, it should take about five days or so to rid your body of kratom entirely.

Now, let’s take a look at how long this extract lingers in the different parts of the system.

How Long Does Kratom Stay in Urine?

Usually, substances like kratom are going to stay present in the urine longer than most places. Again, the amount of time it takes for you to fully flush kratom out of your system will depend, but many people find that a dose of kratom won’t be detectable after 5-7 days. This aligns with the herb’s half-life that we discussed earlier.

If you’re taking a drug test for work or because of a previous conviction, there’s a good chance this test will analyze your urine. We will talk more about drug tests for kratom in a little, but urine analysis tends to be the most common. If an employer is concerned about kratom consumption, they will most likely ask you to pee in a cup and then have a professional examine it. If it’s been at least a week since you consumed any kratom, there’s a good chance it will not still be present in the urine. However, this does depend on the circumstance.

How Long Does Kratom Stay In Your Blood?

While they aren’t as common, people do use blood tests to analyze whether or not kratom is in the system — and how much. Usually, tests like these occur at the hospital, and not while you’re getting hired for a new job. This is because these drug tests are a bit more invasive and require more invasive processes.

Analysts can easily pick up kratom in the blood if consumption was recent. But, the timeframe of how long these tests can pick up substances is significantly shorter than urine or even saliva tests. Typically, blood tests are used to detect kratom consumption in the past few days; for those who consume kratom more regularly, the substance may linger in the blood for about a week or so. But, typically, the metabolites aren’t going to stay present for longer than that.

How Long Does Kratom Stay In Your Saliva?

Saliva tests are some of the most common drug tests in the US, besides urine analyses. However, professionals utilize these tests to pick up the presence of illicit, illegal drugs. Currently, kratom is not illegal in the United States; thus, you cannot test for kratom using a saliva drug test.

It is possible that kratom may be detected in your saliva after a few days, but, we simply do not know. This information isn’t readily available because these tests aren’t offered.

How Long Does Kratom Stay in Your Hair?

Similar to saliva tests, there simply isn’t a good way to judge kratom metabolites in hair follicles. While it is possible that the substance is present in the follicles, we do not currently have accurate tests to judge or analyze that.

So, if you’re being drug tested for kratom, you’re not going to be asked to undergo saliva or a hair test. Instead, you will likely undergo a urine or even blood test depending on where you’re at and what the situation is.

Does Kratom Show Up On a Drug Test?

Yes, kratom can show up on a drug test; however, it does depend on the test itself. On a standard 5-panel drug test, kratom is not going to show up. These drug tests are the ones that an employer asks a potential employee to take to see if they’re on any illict drugs before hiring. Because kratom isn’t an illicit drug, these drug tests do not test or detect kratom in the urine.

However, there are other drug tests that do have the ability to pick up kratom metaboliites. If your company or probabtion officer wants you to take a 10-panel drug test, this will detect kratom in your urine even a week after consumption. This type of drug test analyzes the urine more comprehensively, allowing it to pick up other substances like kratom. But, if it has been a while since you last tried the herb, you should be good to go.

Along this same line, there are kratom-specific drug tests, too. These drug tests are looking exclusively for the presence of kratom, and this may be done through urine or blood. Typically, you’ll know if you are going to undergo a drug test specific to kratom. If you have experience with this in the past, you know that you’ll just have to avoid consuming kratom during this time, as you will definitely fail a drug test if you’re a regular consumer.

Kratom False Positive

It’s crucial to note that some studies suggest that kratom may accidentally trigger a false-positive for other drug tests. For example, a case study from 2020 found that certain patients testing for methadone ended up testing positive because of the kratom metabolites in their system — not methadone. And this isn’t uncommon.

In the medical community, it is well known that substances like kratom may trigger false-positive test results because of their compositions. Two of the main components of kratom — mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine — are also opioid receptor antagonists. Thus, this may play a role in why these tests confuse kratom consumption with certain drug use.

If you know you have a drug test coming up in the future — even if it’s not for kratom — you may consider avoiding the herb for a while to ensure an accurate drug test. There’s always a chance that kratom metabolites may create a false-positive, and we don’t want you to lose your job because of some confusion. So, always keep this in mind if you’re regularly subjected to these tests.

What Influences How Long Kratom Stays in Your System?

The amount of time that kratom stays in your system depends on various factors. You will have to consider how old you are, your food and water intake, your body fat percentage, and even your genetics.

Interestingly enough, the older you are, the longer your kratom will stay in your system. When you’re younger, your body is in better shape to break down and pass substances like kratom; but, as you age, this becomes a bit more difficult. Thus, an older person will likely see the presence of kratom in their bodies for longer, as the half-life simply isn’t the same as the kratom of a young person.

Along with age, you will also want to consider your food and water intake. High-fat meals and consistent water intake can help absorb and then flush out the kratom in your body quickly. If you don’t drink water often, your body is going to struggle to clear the metabolites.

If you have a high percentage of body fat, kratom’s metabolites will stay in your body longer than someone who doesn’t. This is because kratom’s compounds are fat-soluble; so, the more fat you have, the better the substance is going to cling on. But, if you don’t have much fat for the kratom to work with in the first place, the metabolites will likely fade quickly.

Finally, you’ll have to consider your genetics, too. Some people simply have metabolisms and enzymes in the body that allow the substance to work through it faster than someone else. Because of this, you simply cannot base someone else’s kratom experience on your own — everyone is different, and the metabolites of the herb will hang around in the system differently for each consumer.

How Long Does Kratom Last?

If you’re wondering how long the effects of kratom last, this also depends on the consumer. However, most people find that their kratom will help them feel better for about two to five hours after consumption. Of course, this highly depends on the type of kratom you consume, how potent it was, and the factors we discussed above.

In general, it will likely take only a few minutes for you to pick up on the effects of kratom. Most people find it kicks in after 5 – 10 minutes, but this also depends on the consumer. Make sure you’re a bit patient and let your first dose fully take effect before consuming any more.

Where to Buy High-Quality Kratom

If you’re looking to purchase some high-quality kratom, Topps Kratom is the place to go. Topps Kratom offers a huge selection of top-shelf kratom that can help you feel like your best self in a matter of minutes. Our online store allows us to ship our products all across the country, helping people like you enjoy the beauty of kratom whenever you want — just as long as you’re not about to take a drug test.

We make sure all of our products are convenient and discreet, allowing you to purchase and consume with total confidence. Whether you’re looking for gummies, kratom shots, or capsules, Topps Kratom has the perfect options for you. All you have to do is fill your online cart and we’ll take care of the rest. Buying high-quality kratom has never been so easy.

Once again, if you’re about to take a drug test, we would suggest avoiding kratom beforehand. Even if the test cannot detect kratom itself, you don’t want to risk experiencing a false positive because of the herb’s components. But, don’t worry — we’ll be right here for you as soon as you’re in the clear.

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Kratom Shots: Better Than Kratom Powder?

Apr 27, 2021
Kratom shots by kratom leaf

Kratom is a plant found in tropical areas in Southeast Asia that has mind-altering effects. And, because Kratom is a legal and natural herb, it’s become a great way for many people to relax and unwind after a long day.  

When people take Kratom, whether as Kratom shots, a liquid, capsule, or powder, it directly affects the brain. Its effects are similar to those of opioids and stimulants. 

That’s because it contains 7-A-Hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine, both of which react with opioid receptors to produce decreased pain, sedation, and pleasure. Other receptors are also affected, which is what causes the stimulating effects of the plant.   

Whether you’re looking to enjoy the stimulating or sedating effects of Kratom, there are two main ways you can take this plant: in Kratom shots or a fine powder. Let’s take a look at the differences between these two forms of Kratom.  

Kratom powder in white spoon compared to kratom shot

What to Expect from Kratom Powder Extract 

Kratom powder can either come as loose powder in a canister or small, powder-filled capsules. Both ways of taking the powder are convenient ways of ingesting Kratom.  

Powdered Kratom is one of the more mainstream forms of Kratom on the market. It was the first form of Kratom that got recognized and marketed around the world.  

However, in recent years, Kratom has evolved well past simply powdered forms. While it does continue to be the leading product in the Kratom industry, it isn’t the only form available on the market now. 

How to Make Kratom Powder:

Making powdered Kratom is a pretty straightforward and simple manner. Originally, Kratom powder was developed to mimic the way that traditional people in South Asia used it by chewing the leaves of the tree.  

However, to make modern Kratom powder, the leaves of the kratom tree are dried. From there, the leaves are ground down to form a fine powder which users can then ingest.  

Some people choose to ingest the Kratom powder by mixing it into a tea, while others prefer to take it in capsules. Either method of ingestion gives the same effects, however, producing sedation, pleasure, and relaxation. 

Pros and Cons of Powdered Kratom:

Powdered Kratom comes with several key advantages and disadvantages. A few advantages of taking Kratom powder include: 

  • It’s easy to ingest, making it a convenient way for beginners to take Kratom as well as for Kratom enthusiasts to enjoy it 
  • It tends to be the base ingredient used in other types of Kratom products 
  • It has a longer shelf-life than most other Kratom goods 

Each of these benefits can make it a great choice for anyone looking to get into Kratom. However, it comes with a few disadvantages, too, such as:  

  • It requires time and effort to properly prepare for consumption 
  • It takes a longer amount of time before the Kratom begins to take effect on the body than Kratom shots.

Understanding these benefits and disadvantages can help you choose whether Kratom powder is the right choice for you. 

What to Expect from Liquid Kratom Shots

Kratom liquid extract is a little bit different from Kratom powder. This is true not only because of the way it’s prepared but also because of the effects it has on the body and the way it’s ingested.  

kratom liquid shot is made out of kratom liquid extract combined with energy drinks. That way, kratom users get an extra boost of energy while still enjoying their favorite natural herb. 

Typically, these shots are found in small doses in natural health stores, convenience stores, or smoke shots. They often combine flavors with the rich, natural taste of Kratom itself.  

How Kratom Shots Are Made:

Kratom shots, while still made from the leaves of the Kratom tree, are made a little bit differently than Kratom powder. In fact, Kratom extract can actually be made from the powder form of Kratom. 

To make Kratom extract, which is then turned into Kratom shots, the two main alkaloids in Kratom are extracted from the leaves or the powder. These two alkaloids are the main psychoactive ingredients in Kratom: 7-A-Hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine.  

To extract these alkaloids, all you need to do is to boil either Kratom powder or the raw Kratom leaves. Then, you’ll strain the liquid to remove any large solids from it. 

The rest of the liquid is then simmered down until all the water has evaporated and it has turned into a paste. The paste gets ground into a powder which is then mixed with water and natural flavors to create a liquid shot. 

Pros and Cons of Kratom Shots:

Using Kratom shots provides several major advantages and disadvantages. A few of the benefits of choosing to take Kratom as a shot instead of in its powdered form include: 

  • It’s a lot more readily available and easy to use than other Kratom products 
  • It takes effect faster than Kratom powder, tea, or capsules 
  • It doesn’t require a great deal of storage space 
  • It’s great for people who have been taking Kratom for a while and want to try a new, more potent form of Kratom 

Each of these benefits makes it a great choice for Kratom enthusiasts wanting to try taking Kratom in a new way. However, it does have a few disadvantages as well, such as:  

  • It’s extremely concentrated, making it less than ideal for someone just getting into Kratom 
  • It has a shorter shelf life than Kratom powder or other forms of Kratom 

Despite its few disadvantages, Kratom shots can be a great way to take your favorite natural herb. 

Kratom shots leaves

The Lowdown on Kratom Shots vs. Kratom Powder 

So, now that we’ve looked at both Kratom shots and Kratom powder in detail, it’s up to you to choose the best form for you.  

Are you a Kratom newbie or have you been enjoying Kratom for years? Do you prefer the sedating effects of Kratom or would you rather enjoy more of a stimulating effect? 

Knowing the answers to these questions can help you choose whether a Kratom shot or a Kratom powder might be best for you. And, whichever one you choose, Topps Kratom has high-quality products for you! 

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