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The kratom shot industry continues to grow in terms of products being introduced into the market. Originating from South East Asia, kratom shots have gathered popularity amongst the US population. Wondering what kratom shots are? The kratom extract shot is amongst the most recent products to feature in the kratom market.

What are Kratom Shots?

You might have seen the kratom liquid shot at a local store and wondered what it was all about. It seems that more and more, Kratom is rising in popularity. A kratom liquid shot is a liquid form of kratom that is similar to energy drinks. Kratom shots usually come in small bottles, just like the five-hour energy shots you see at drug stores and  Kratom extract liquid bottles are often a single-use serving. 

However, in a study recently carried out by the Medical Toxicology journal, liquid kratom shots tend to be low quality and taste awful. Why? Many commercial producers of kratom shots tend to degrade the product. This is because it’s cheaper to produce lower quality, un-tested product.

According to a kratom study, the natural kratom leaf has 23.8 micrograms of mitragynine.  On the other hand, the kratom liquid shot had alkaloids amounting to 190.7 nanograms. A nanogram equals 1000 micrograms. This means that on average, kratom shots have about eight thousand more times the mitragynine than in natural kratom leaves. That’s a lot!

Given that the FDA does not regulate the kratom extract shots industry, the safety of solid mitragynine and other infused chemicals is not tested. Why not try the most potent kratom shot on the market to see if it might help? Be advised that it’s always recommended to talk to your physician to see if it’s a good idea to try a kratom liquid shot. It’s important to know the appropriate kratom shots dosage for your body. Your doctor may even recommend other forms of kratom supplements and herbs, including kratom liquid extract. Kratom shots cannot be used to treat, cure, and mitigate any illnesses, conditions, or diseases. According to the FDA’s imports alert 54-15, one should stay compliant by not representing intended use and suitability.

To stay safe, when choosing the most potent kratom shot, it’s best to buy from brands who are transparent and use certified, USA labs. The more natural kratom forms since they are not degraded. Topps Kratom offers the best kratom shots the kratom market can ever have. Topps being a reputable seller, you will get high-quality kratom shots with no additives that will leave your soul satisfied craving yet more.

What Is Liquid Kratom?

Typical kratom shots include capsules, kratom liquid extract, and powders. Once the farmer harvests the leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa, they can be dried out and then crushed to form a powder. Afterwhich, the powder is sold or even used as a raw material in making kratom products.

One can also use kratom’s leaves to create a kratom liquid shot, commonly known as an extract. One can opt to mix additives with Kratom extract liquid. Hence, there are chances of having several kratom products from several suppliers who process kratom liquid shots. 

Our products come in various concentrations regarding their potency and the type of kratom and additives used. One can generate Liquid kratom shots in several ways. However, with just simple steeping of the kratom leaves, you can have your kratom tea ready. Liquid kratom includes liquid kratom shots, our best kratom extract shot that falls under shots and tinctures. 

To note, liquid kratom falls under kratom liquid extract.

What Do Kratom Shots Contain?

Each of our Kratom-made products is made in the United States. Apart from being processed in state-of-the-art processing facilities, at Topps Kratom, we always maintain the purity and potency of our products. 

Raw Kratom Shots

Topps Kratom Raw Kratom Shots are infused with Full-Spectrum Kratom. The all-natural raw agave sweetener will leave you with nothing but an incredible experience that you might not be ready to forget with ease. 

Ingredients for the best kratom shot (raw shot) include:

  • Propylene Glycol
  • Citric acid
  • Agave
  • Natural flavors
  • Mitragynine

With just two servings per raw kratom shot bottle, you will get nothing but intense effects with no afterward harsh crash effects. 

Cappuccino Shot

The Cappuccino Kratom Shot is made from Full-Spectrum Kratom. With an all-natural sweetener, the delicious agave cappuccino is a must-try. 

Why is ToppsKratoms best to buy Kratom Online?

All the products from Topps Kratom are proudly produced in the United States. With a well-trained team of doctors, customer support team, staff, creators, and chemists, their coordination has played a significant role in our reputation for consistently producing the strongest kratom shot.

We have always stood out in the botanicals market because our products are 100% organic and all-natural. Our customer care is always available online to respond to any of your queries while buying the best kratom extract shot from us. 

Our delivery turnaround time is appropriate, and you won’t be left waiting for days for your liquid kratom shots.

Flavors of Kratom Shots

Our custom formulations of kratom extract shots come with a great taste. 

All our liquid kratom shots are sweetened with the all-natural agave. 

Kratom Shots – Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequent questions on kratom

What Are Kratom Shots?

Kratom shots are liquid forms of the kratom, more like energy drinks. The kratom energy shot can be served in small bottles, just like any energy drink available in the market. One can ingest kratom by chewing its leaves, smoking, or putting in tea. 

What Are Kratom Shots Used For?

Once the best kratom shot gets into your body, its active ingredients get absorbed quickly. Without hesitation, the alkaloids start their “healing” roles. 

Do kratom shots get you high?

Definitely, Yes. After ingesting high doses of kratom shots, you might experience an opiate-like high. While using a kratom liquid shot, many factors get into play. Some of the factors that influence how kratom shots might make you feel include your body tolerance, body chemistry, dose ingested, and your kratom’s composition.

Are Kratom Shots Legal In The United States?

In the US, kratom shots are not regulated federally. Hence, no governmental institution guarantees or checks the safety and quality of kratom products sold in the US, including online. Given that the drug might be harmful if misused, the DEA considers it as a controlled substance. Although kratom shots are technically legal under federal law, some municipalities and states have opted to ban the substance. Hence, one cannot grow, possess, sell or use it. 

Below are some states in which kratom can be legal under regulations.

Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Delaware, Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Montana, North Carolina, California, Alaska, Michigan, Hawaii, Arizona, Illinois.

Other states include Kentucky, Idaho, Maine, South Dakota, South Nebraska, Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Texas, Wyoming, Wyoming, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Nevada, North Dakota, New Hampshire, Maryland, Missouri, and Minnesota.

How Much Kratom Is Extracted In Kratom Shots?

The concentration of kratom varies from one kratom product to the other. Hence, the effectiveness of kratom shots depends on their concentration.  From each kratom shot, one can extract two doses of kratom. For kratom shot beginners, it might help ingest small kratom doses since high doses might result in side effects. Initially, take a minimal amount of your kratom extract liquid as you increase over time. Once you find the dose that works best for you, you can then stick to it.

How Long Do A Kratom Shot’s Effects Last?

The strongest kratom shot can take at least 30 minutes to two hours to manifest the effects. Sometimes, kratom’s effects might be felt as early as fifteen minutes. 

After ingesting your kratom shots, its euphoric feelings may last from 5-7 hours. However, usually, kratom’s effects get intense after three hours of ingestion. Kratom’s lasting duration will vary depending on the kratom size you ingest, amongst other factors.

What Are The Ingredients In Kratom Shots?

Apart from natural flavors and sweeteners, the primary psychoactive ingredients in kratom leaves are 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. They can be both collected from Mitragyna speciosa.

What Is A Liquid Kratom Shot?

A kratom liquid shot is a liquid form of kratom that is similar to energy drinks. Kratom shots usually come in small bottles, just like the five-hour energy shots all over the internet. 

Kratom extract liquid bottles are more often for single-use. 

How Much Kratom Per Shot?

Kratom extract shots are more robust than other forms of the plant. Each kratom shot comes with two servings of kratom. With kratom shots, one can place the extract underneath the tongue for immediate manifestation of effects. One may as well add their kratom serving into food or drink to enhance its taste. You might opt to start using 1-2 drops of the extract since kratom shots are highly potent.

How Long Do Liquid Kratom Shots Stay In Your Urine?

How long your kratom will stay in your body and urine depends on several factors. Some kratom metabolites and components can be detected in urine if a more detailed drug test is undertaken. Although kratom might not appear in your traditional drug tests, researchers hold that kratom’s primary alkaloid, mitragynine, can stay in the body and urine for around 23.24 hours.

How Much Does Kratom Cost?

Our affordable Full-spectrum kratom’s price ranges from $19.99 – $239.88

While our potent Cappuccino Kratom shots retail at $19.99 – $239.88

Can Kratom Cause Swelling?

Processing high doses of the kratom shots or even frequently can be overwhelming for the kidneys and your liver. Heavy kratom shots can potentially make your liver swell, hence damaging it. 

What Are The Positive Effects Of Kratom?

Kratom shots come with many positive effects on users. Some of the potential well-known kratom shots effects include mood-enhancing. Research shows that kratom can be an effective remedy for opioid addiction. It can as well help alleviate withdrawal symptoms of ethanol and morphine. Kratom shots are ideal hunger suppressants and antidepressants.

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