Question: Just How Bioavailable is Kratom?

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Kratom, aka the alkaloid-rich leaves of the Southeast Asian Mitragyna speciosa tree, has been used for centuries to provide people with relief from all kinds of daily complaints.  But only recently has kratom become a staple of the natural wellness market here in the United States.  One thing we can say is that it clearly … Read more

How to Properly Store Your Kratom Products

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Picking out the perfect kratom product is half the battle to enjoying its effects to the max.  Another thing that you always need to be mindful of is how you’re storing it, since kratom, like almost all organic substances, has a shelf life.  Kratom is pretty forgiving compared to other organic products, but at the … Read more

Should You Turn to Kratom as a Weight Loss Alternative?

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Kratom has become an enormously popular natural remedy thanks to its unique profile of alkaloids that produce desirable effects through their relationship with the brain’s opioid receptors.  Derived from the evergreen Mitragyna Speciosa tree in Southeast Asia, kratom refers to the tree’s leaves, which are dried and ground before consumption.  Available in different veins, strains, … Read more

A Unique Matchup: Kratom vs. Kava

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We’ve seen a massive trend over the last several years of people taking their wellness into their own hands, turning to natural, plant-based solutions to their daily needs to achieve relief from their pain, stress, fatigue, and more.  Two plant-based substances that have gotten particularly popular are kratom and kava, both of which have become … Read more

A Unique Matchup: Kratom vs. THC

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As more people are taking their health and wellness into their own hands, we’re seeing plant derivatives like kratom and hemp turning into massive trends on the market.  Both of these natural products are touted for their benefits which can provide significant relief to common complaints like poor focus, tense muscles, stress, and poor sleep.  … Read more

Introducing The Best Kratom Gummies in 2023

Introducing The Best Kratom Gummies in 2023

Kratom might seem new to some, but it has long been consumed since the 19th century. Often described to give a mild stimulant effect in small doses and a sedative at very high doses, kratom entering the mainstream market scene has paved the way for some of its now-known forms, such as kratom capsules, tablets, … Read more