What is Kratom & What Does Kratom Do?

Kratom has been popular with people for centuries. It has been used for a number of different purposes throughout time. This article will cover many of the questions you might have when considering using kratom. If you are already well versed in kratom and are just looking for the best place to purchase your kratom products online, then look no further than Topps Kratom. They offer a wide variety of kratom products that are sure to fit your particular needs. 

What is Kratom

Mitragyna speciosa Korth, better known as Kratom, is a tree that originated in the tropics of Thailand and other areas of Southeast Asia. Kratom is a relative of the coffee tree, reaching heights of around fifty feet. Kratom started out being utilized by natives of Southeast Asia as an herbal remedy. It was most often used as a form of stimulant by workers, who chewed the leaves during the workday. Natives also used kratom to manage opioid withdrawal. 

As time went on, the people in southeast Asia found more uses for kratom. These include using it as medicine as well as during religious ceremonies. Governments in Asia began taking steps to outlaw the planting of kratom trees in 1943, but it found a popular place with consumers overseas in the US soon after. Kratom has remained a popular product and has several variations on the market today. You can find it in some shops or online at sites like Topps Kratom. 

What Does Kratom Do?

Kratom is highly reactive with the opioid receptors in your brain. Keep in mind any medicinal effects are not necessarily verified. 

Is Kratom Legal?

Kratom legality varies by state. Although it is federally legal, a few states have outlawed the sale and production of kratom. Others have opted to let kratom remain legal but at a more regulated level. It is important to be well versed in the laws regarding kratom in your area before purchase or use. 

There has been pressure on the United States DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) to make kratom illegal at the federal level. In fact, in August 2016 they almost answered those calls, as they announced the decision to list kratom on the list of Schedule 1 drugs, alongside heroin and ecstasy. This decision was overturned shortly after. That being said, the DEA has listed kratom on the list of Drugs and Chemicals of Concern. 

The reason for the debate on the legality of kratom comes from supporters who are vocal about the benefits of responsible use. Some notable states where kratom has been outlawed are Alabama, Arkansas, Rhode Island, Indiana, Vermont, and Wisconsin. This list is relatively small for now but more states could be added anytime. The other states in the US allow kratom use but with some regulation for purchase. Be sure to stay updated on the kratom laws in your area before purchasing. 

Globally kratom faces far more scrutiny, as it is illegal in several different countries, including Australia, Japan, and South Korea. 

How Much Does Kratom Cost?

The price of kratom can vary but generally fall within some standard range. There are three main forms that kratom is purchasable. These are edibles, capsules, and liquid shots. 

Kratom gummies are popular because they can be infused with tasty flavors in an easily digestible form. The servings are carefully dosed with the proper amount of kratom so you don’t have to worry about taking too much or too little. Topps Kratom uses a sweet raw agave recipe to create their kratom gummies. The price of kratom gummies is an average of twenty to twenty-five USD.

Kratom capsules are another popular product on the market. They are popular for convenience and discreteness. The kratom is carefully portioned so the user can eliminate all guesswork for the proper dosage. Prices vary but generally hover around twenty USD a pack. 

By far the most used form of kratom is kratom shots. This liquid form of kratom is a customer favorite due to its easy-to-use nature. Topps Kratom uses an all-natural agave sweetener to add some sweet flavor to the shots. 

No matter what way you choose to use kratom, you should always be sure to use it responsibly and always follow the recommended doses. 

How To Use Kratom?

This includes only buying kratom products from reputable dealers, like Topps Kratom, and following the recommended dosages. Picking out your favorite way of using kratom is another major part of kratom use. If you prefer liquid forms of kratom then kratom shots are a great choice for you. Using kratom shots is very simple. All you have to do is open it up and drink it, then wait for the effects to begin.

Kratom capsules work the same way. The doses are carefully portioned and are released into your body as you begin to digest the capsule. This is one of the more discreet ways to use kratom. Similarly, kratom gummies only need to be ingested and your body will do the rest of the work for you. These are the tastiest way to ingest kratom for those who value taste. 

No matter what way you choose to use kratom, you should remember to use it in moderation. There can be some tolerance build-up after some substantial kratom usage. Users might find themselves having to take more for the same effects after some time. 

How Much Kratom To Take? 

The proper dosage can vary by user and will likely involve some trial and error before a good equilibrium dosage is found. Lower doses, one gram or less, are ideal for users with lower tolerance like first-time users or microdosers. Upping the dose to two grams, what is considered a mild dose, will produce a more noticeable stimulating effect. These include perceived improved productivity and heightened mood. This is a great dosage for those with a bit more tolerance or experience with kratom.

This is a great option for users who are experienced with lower doses of kratom and are working their way up to a more potent dose. 

Five to six grams is considered a potent dose. This dosage is only appropriate for those very experienced with kratom use. It is not recommended to exceed a dosage of seven grams. Teas and coffee are said to have a significant effect on potency, along with some spices like turmeric and cayenne pepper. 

The act of incorporating another ingredient to boost the effects of kratom is called potentiating. The potentiators being the natural ingredients, react with the kratom to create a boosting effect. A common reason for the use of potentiators is when a user has built up a high tolerance. 

Staying hydrated can increase overall wellness while also helping disperse the kratom in your body. Another way to enhance your kratom experience is to keep a kratom journal. A kratom journal can help you document your experiences and what strains treated you the best. It can also help to keep up with your dosages and frequency of use. Having insight into your usage can help you reflect on how to make your next kratom experience even better. 

Where To Buy Kratom?

Not all kratom producers are made equally. It’s extremely important to only buy kratom from distributors with a reputation for quality, safe products. You can often find kratom at smoke shops or gas stations and even in some health stores, where it can be found in the supplement aisle. 

When buying in-store, always do some research on the brand you are interested in to find out as much information as you can. Being informed is a great way to be sure that you are buying a quality product and not some potentially dangerous brand. 

When purchasing online you can cut out all the guesswork and use Topps Kratom to purchase all of your kratom products. They offer gummies, capsules, and shots of only the highest quality kratom. They are specially formulated to ensure that you have a great experience and don’t have any adverse side effects like crashing afterward. 

Various Products of Kratom

The three biggest forms of kratom are all offered by Topps Kratom. They are kratom shots, kratom gummies, and kratom capsules. The kratom shots are a simple and tasty way to enjoy kratom and all its benefits. They are prepackaged and portioned with a proper dose for you to drink like you would an energy shot. 

Kratom gummies come in a variety of flavors and are by far the tastiest way to enjoy kratom. Just eat the recommended amount and you can enjoy the benefits of kratom and also a tasty snack. With an almost endless amount of gummy flavors on the market, you are sure to find one that suits your tastes. 

Finally, the kratom capsules are the most discreet way to enjoy kratom. The capsules digest and release the kratom into the body while you go on about your day normally. These are a great choice for someone who needs a boost during the day but isn’t keen on eating or drinking their kratom.

Finding out which way to enjoy kratom is best for you is part of the fun when using kratom. If you aren’t sure, try them all out and see what clicks for you. Everyone is different and your preference for kratom use will likely differ from someone else, so there is no best way to use kratom. 

Is Kratom Safe?

This is a highly debatable topic, and without much scientific evidence, it’s been difficult for the medical community to come to a unanimous conclusion. It is speculated that at the proper dosage, all-natural kratom is safe for human consumption. As with any consumable, there is risk involved when used in excess, so be aware of the recommended dosage and stick to your threshold. As you get more familiar with kratom and its effects, you will find out what dosage is proper for your tolerance level. 

There is controversy around the supposed addictive qualities of kratom. Keep in mind that moderation is a key part of kratom use and that any substance when used in excess, can be abused. There is not enough verifiable evidence to say that kratom is addictive. When used as intended, kratom is no more addictive than a cup of coffee or an energy drink. That being said, those with addictive tendencies or other substance addictions should avoid kratom.

When kratom is used in excess, and at higher doses than recommended, there can be some adverse effects. As long as you use kratom safely and as intended, it is thought to be perfectly safe. Keep in mind this is not verified by any concrete data and is dependent on the quality of your kratom being pure and safe. The unregulated nature of kratom in the US market makes it so that many less than desirable products make it to stores for sale. Be aware of the brands you are purchasing or shop online at Topps Kratom for peace of mind. 


This overview of kratom and its benefits is available so you can make an informed decision when thinking about starting your journey with kratom. Kratom has a long history and is seemingly here to stay. It retains a place at the top of the market, with new people trying it out every day. 

If kratom is something that interests you, or you are an experienced kratom user looking to purchase only the highest quality products, then Topps Kratom is where you should begin. They offer only the best kratom products, specially formulated for maximum potency and quality. They are a safe reputable brand, backed by a great consumer reputation.