Kratom Capsules: Why You Should Try Them in 2022

Plants have been used by humans throughout history to cope with the challenges of their daily lives. Even with the advancement of our healthcare system, herbs, in conjunction with medical care, have always been a present option for us. According to a 2007 report, more than 30% of US patients had experienced or are currently consuming a form of plant-based solution. 

One herb that has been making a lot of noise in recent years is kratom. Despite its rich history and widespread consumption in parts of Southeast Asia, kratom is slowly emerging in the West. 

A wide variety of kratom products, including kratom leaves, concentrated extracts, and kratom capsules, are readily available in online marketplaces. Additionally, kratom products are also available in specialty stores. Here, we will focus on kratom capsules and discuss a good number of reasons why you should be trying them in 2022. 

What Are Kratom Extract Capsules?

Kratom extract capsules are kratom products in capsule form. Kratom extract or Mitragyna speciosa is encapsulated in either a hard or soft gel capsule.  The kratom that we’ve come to love came from a tropical evergreen tree that’s native to countries in Southeast Asia – Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea. Growing up to 25 meters tall, the Mitragyna tree is a member of the Mitragyna genus. 

The extract may be new to many today, but it’s been consumed since the nineteenth century. Kratom, which was named then Stephegyne speciosa was formally introduced by botanist Pieter Korthals in 1839. George Darby Haviland reclassified and gave it its final name in 1859.  Kratom contains at least 54 alkaloids. Most of these alkaloids are responsible for the complex experience we get from kratom, while the other alkaloids contribute synergistically to the kratom encounter. 

Now available in capsule form, the kratom extract is broken down into the digestive system and absorbed by the bloodstream. The extract is then distributed and metabolized pretty much the same way as any regular capsule product. Taken from the leaves of an evergreen tree grown in Southeast Asia, dry kratom can either be swallowed or brewed. Meanwhile, depending on the type of formulation designed for the capsule, infused kratom extract can be in liquid or in dry form.

Labor workers are reported to fill a huge chunk of the consumer pie when it comes to consuming kratom capsules. Sometimes, kratom capsules are present in music festivals and in other settings. 

Kratom Capsules: Why People Choose Them

A study involving a 49-item questionnaire where 58% male and 42% female attendees, averaging age of 35 years, aims to know the motivation of people in consuming kratom. Some of the significant motivations gathered from the questionnaire were:

  • Kratom is widely available in stores
  • Kratom is legal to purchase in their state
  • Curiosity about the kratom experience
  • Peer influence
  • To avoid failing a drug test

It’s also important to note that as high as 30% of the respondents want to consume kratom again, while 31% of them thought kratom was helpful in their current situation. So, why do some consumers prefer consuming kratom capsules more than its other forms? 

  1. Easier to swallow: Kratom capsules are easy to swallow; with just a mouthful of water and our natural swallowing reflexes, kratom capsules easily slide down from our mouth, through the esophagus, and down to the stomach.  
  2. Fast acting: Most filled capsules rapidly disintegrate. In the human digestive system, kratom capsules tend to break down faster than tablets. Because they digest faster, the onset of experience is speedy too. 
  3. Higher absorption: Capsules have a slightly higher bioavailability than other kratom product forms. This means that more kratom compounds will more likely enter your bloodstream. 
  4. Simple ingredients: Kratom capsules tend to contain fewer ingredients, potentially lessening the susceptibility of the consumer to allergies. 
  5. Awesome protective features:
  • Kratom capsules are relatively stable, and the capsule walls can be made opaque, providing better protection for its light-sensitive compounds. 
  • Also, sealed capsules are good oxygen barriers, another protective feature for kratom varieties that are highly reactive to oxygen.  
  • Kratom capsules have reduced airborne dust levels, which lower cross-contamination.

Hard to make fakes: Some kratom capsule brands are hard to counterfeit. Kratom companies are smart enough to make unique inscriptions in capsule shells to create brand differentiation and prevent counterfeiting in the process. 

Why Are Kratom Capsules Better Than Other Medicines?

Conventional medicines are not totally risk-free. About 8% of hospital admissions in the United States of America are caused by supposedly “harmless” over-the-counter drugs. Contrastingly, hospitalizations from herbs are so rare. Even if you check the National Poison Control Centers of the United States’s database, you’ll find no category about the herbal sides or adverse reactions. With these in mind, consumers turn to plant-based therapies trusting they will have a wholesome experience. 

Kratom, which contains a number of different compounds, each with great complexities, depends on its different plant substances to modulate and modify the effects of “active components.” Science believes kratom’s whole plant extracts cannot be imitated by purified forms of isolated herb compounds. This phenomenon is called the entourage effect — an effect that can’t be manufactured or mimicked by man-made medicines. 

Pharmaceutical medicines are designed to give a specific reaction. Plant-based products like kratom, on the other hand, elicit a synergistic action. Additionally, many describe kratom to be holistic, integrating body, mind, and spirit as a whole — all without the negative side effects normally associated with conventional medicines. 

Two Reasons to Try Kratom Capsules

Are you still waiting for compelling reasons why you should try kratom capsules? Here they are!

  • Discreet

One of the best things about capsule products is that they don’t attract attention. Kratom capsules are portable and can be easily packed in bags, pouches, plastic tablet compartments, and so on. Even if you need to take them in public, nobody would recognize them as kratom. Onlookers would generally dismiss it as another tablet. 

  • Easy dosing

This is one of the major charms of kratom capsules – easy to take. With kratom capsules, you don’t need to worry about making a mess. Kratom capsules are easy to consume and can be stored anywhere, cool or dry place in a compact container. 

You also don’t need to worry about getting an inaccurate dosage with kratom capsules. The capsules already have a premeasured amount of kratom extract. This means that every time you take a kratom capsule, you always get the same dosage of kratom. You won’t need a scale to calculate dosage. 

If you’re going to compare kratom capsules with other kratom products, you’ll see how convenient the former is. Since kratom capsules are designed for instant consumption, there will be no need for extra preparations and tools. Whereas with other forms like kratom teas, you’ll need a drink holder, pot, heat, and all the other tools needed to prepare tea. 

  • No earthy taste

Most medicinal tablets leave a bitter taste on the tongue even after you try to wash it down with water. Meanwhile, kratom capsules are tasteless. For this reason, consumers who are sensitive to flavors order this type of consumption method. 

  • Customized servings

Who says kratom capsules can’t be customized by the serving? Yes, kratom capsules can be customized according to the dosage you desire per serving. People have different needs, weights, and other physiological attributes; therefore, they have different kratom dosage needs.  Customize the kratom dosage by adding or lessening the kratom powder inside by opening the capsule. There are kratom capsules that can be opened once you pull each end away from each other. Always practice caution when doing this technique or any other methods which involve tampering with capsules. 

  • Affordable

The sourcing and manufacturing of kratom capsules are pretty straightforward. Thus, its retail price isn’t too expensive to offset its production and other costs. Others, who are taking the more practical approach, take the time to produce the kratom capsules themselves. By filling empty capsule shells with fine kratom powder, you have instant kratom capsules on your hands. Consumers who do this think they’re saving a lot compared to purchasing kratom capsules from stores.

Of course, there are ready-made kratom capsules available in physical and online stores selling at an affordable price. 

  • Versatile

Kratom is versatile and has varieties. Depending on the flavor and type of experience you want, you can make your bespoke blends with kratom capsules. How is this possible? Since you can easily add and remove kratom powder from capsules, customizing blends by mixing different kratom powders in one capsule is possible. Be creative but stay cautious with your kratom blends and make sure the blend fits well with your chosen capsule size. 

Which is the Best Place to Buy Kratom Capsules Online?

With hundreds of kratom brands in online marketplaces claiming to be the best industry, it can get quite confusing. It’s quite rare to find a kratom brand that doesn’t only produce quality kratom products but is also concerned about educating people about kratom’s world. Especially if you’re a newbie, choosing which place to buy kratom capsules online can seem even more daunting. But we’ve got you covered.

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If you’re a veteran kratom consumer, you may have a preferred way of kratom consumption already. Perhaps a nice cup of kratom tea might be best for your lifestyle. However, it doesn’t hurt to try other forms as well, like kratom capsules; you just might discover a whole new way of enjoying kratom. 

On the other hand, if you’re someone who has yet to try the wondrous experience of kratom, capsules might be the best for you. Whatever your choice of consumption, make sure it’s something you’re comfortable with. 

As we’ve learned, kratom capsules offer several unique features that are too good for you to pass up. From being versatile in nature, affordable, easy to consume, convenient, and more, crush the kratom product experiment by starting with the best of them. 

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