Topps Kratom Cappuccino Shot Review

With kratom becoming increasingly sought-after across the country, we’re starting to see it being sold in unexpected places like gas stations, vape shops, and more.  But, as you probably know, not all kratom is created equally, and this is very important since you don’t want to end up with an unsafe or fake product.  Fortunately, Topps Kratom has arrived as an incredibly trustworthy brand, having gone through all kinds of effort to prove that they’re providing nothing but the best in terms of quality and safety.  And, for users who can use a real pick-me-up, our full spectrum Cappuccino Kratom Shot has got what you need.

Cappuccino Kratom Shot: What You Gotta Know!

We’ll get into all of the fun details in a bit, but first let’s go over the basics.  A Topps Kratom Cappuccino Shot comes in a 15ml bottle (.5 fl oz), with 2 servings per bottle.  It has a cappuccino flavor, and the actual number of milligrams of kratom in the product is not specified.

Quality and Safety Matters

One thing that makes the kratom market tricky is the fact that it’s both new and unregulated by the FDA.  In other words, there’s no governing body that’s overseeing the safety and quality of the products being made right now.  Topps Kratom is one of the few companies to have put in extra work to prove their trustworthiness.  We’ve had our facility certified by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), an FDA-maintained series of standards that ensure safe, legitimate, and high-quality products are being produced.  Plus, all Topps Kratom products undergo extensive third-party testing through a licensed laboratory, and the lab reports are available on our website.

How It’s Packaged

The Cappuccino Kratom Shot comes in a bottle that has an airtight seal, which means that you don’t have to worry about the product getting tampered with before it reaches you.  This also means that what’s inside is going to stay fresh while it’s in transit.  The package gives you information about the ingredients and how to use the product, which is always super helpful.

Is a Cappuccino Kratom Shot Potent Enough?

The label of the Cappuccino Shot doesn’t actually indicate the number of milligrams of kratom that are inside.  But, the label does say “high-potency” and “max strength” to show that the product is very potent – and kratom shots are known for being super potent since they’re concentrated.  The delivery method is also going to guarantee more potency than other product types, since liquid is more bioavailable, absorbing into the body more efficiently.  Remember that this bottle contains 2 servings, so you’ll want to remember to only take half at a time.

What’s Inside Each Bottle

Now, let’s get down to the ingredients.  There are actually very few ingredients in this cappuccino shot – just kratom extract, agave nectar (for sweetness), natural flavors, citric acid (a natural preservative), and propylene glycol.  So, you can see we don’t use a gazillion additives, which is always a good thing.

Does a Cappuccino Kratom Shop Even Taste Good?

As for the taste, we love it.  Don’t expect a flavor that tastes exactly like a fresh cappuccino, but know you’re going to enjoy a sweet, creamy coffee flavor that hits the spot and gives you a similar satisfaction to drinking the real thing.  If you’ve ever had a bottled coffee drink that comes in a can, the flavor is pretty much on par with that.  We do want to also mention that the sweetness level is just right.

All About the Strain

We use “gold kratom” in our formula, which is a combination of different red, white, and green strains, to produce a more balanced type of effect that can include relief from stress, fatigue, anxiety, and pain.

What Kind of Effects are in Store?

Kratom shots need only about 30 minutes to start kicking in, and so within a half hour, the effects began.  The feeling that we got from this shot is that of euphoria, motivation, and a huge boost in focus, which made us feel like this would be a great product to start your day with if you tend to feel sluggish.  In about 4 hours, the effects started tapering off, but we will be trying this product again when we need a bit of a push.  As for physical effects, there was a notable feeling of relief in the body that lives up to what we know about kratom.

Coffee Flavor and Top-Shelf Kratom – You Can’t Go Wrong!

Feel that burst of energy with a Topps Kratom Cappuccino Shot, as its super potent and fast-acting – and tasty – all while offering pure, high-quality kratom.  Basically, you can really get your money’s worth.  So, if you’re ready to try kratom in liquid shot form (again, better for advanced users), then grab a Cappuccino Kratom Shot today!