5 Ways to Create the Perfect Kratom Regimen

With an influx of people beginning to explore kratom in order to seek out its benefits, we’re seeing all kinds of advice on the internet about how to use it to get the best results, while using it safely and responsibly.  But, at Topps Kratom, we have years of experience researching and utilizing kratom ourselves.  Because of that, we wanna help you get started on a kratom regimen that can be as effective and safe as possible.

Are You Ready to Build Your Kratom Routine?

Kratom can provide you with all kinds of amazing effects, through the alkaloids that are found in the leaves of the plant.  With that being said, the best way to get the specific effects that you’re looking for is to build a routine that involves choosing the best product for your particular needs, timing your doses, and considering other factors that can make or break your experience with Mitragyna speciosa.  Let’s dive in a little deeper.

Step #1: Identify Your Kratom Goals

First things first: what are you trying to get out of kratom?  Are you looking for something with strong analgesic effects to help you manage daily aches and pains?  Are you hoping for something that will help you relax at night, or something that will give you a boost in the morning?

What a lot of newbies don’t know is that kratom actually comes in a variety of strains – a lot like cannabis – and there are 3 types of strains to consider, based on the color of the vein of the leaf.

  • White Vein Strains: Usually more energizing and euphoria-inducing, so they may help with low mood and low energy.
  • Green Vein Strains: More sedating, and people typically enjoy them for their anxiolytic properties, as well as their possible role in sleep.
  • Red Vein Strains: These are the most analgesic – aiding with physical discomfort, but they’re also the most potently intoxicating.

Step #2: Choose Your Delivery Method

Another thing to think about is the delivery method.  Kratom comes in a variety of delivery methods, each one offering its own pros and cons.  Choosing your delivery method will have a big role in how you experience the effects in terms of things like onset time, duration of effects, and potency of effects.

  • Kratom Capsules: Perfect for beginners, kratom capsules come in a variety of strengths and strains, and offer long-lasting effects that can take about an hour or so to kick in. They’re not as potent as shots, but that can be a good thing if you’re a newbie with a low tolerance.  Capsules typically contain just the pure powder of the kratom leaf.
  • Kratom Gummies: Similar to capsules in terms of onset time, length of effects, and potency. However, kratom gummies are tastier, since they come in the form of delicious fruity gummy candies.  They’re easy to dose, just like capsules, since typically, each piece counts as a serving.
  • Kratom Shots: These are liquid-based shots that act quickly compared to the other delivery methods, and also deliver much more potent effects, because liquid absorbs more bioavailability than solids. The effects of kratom shots are shorter-lasting as well, by a couple of hours, give or take.

Step #3: Consider When Kratom Would Be the Most Useful for You

Naturally, you want to take kratom at a time when you’re going to really benefit from its effects.  For instance, if you’re looking to get a boost of energy and focus during the day with a white vein strain, it would probably make sense to take it in the morning in edible form, to get several hours of effects.  If it’s more about an afternoon slump that you’re trying to fight off, a shot taken in the afternoon might make more sense, because you don’t want those stimulant effects lasting several hours into the evening when you’re ready to wind down.

Step #4: Follow the Dosage Instructions Carefully

One thing that we can’t emphasize enough is the importance of dosing wisely.  Kratom can be dangerous if you take too much, especially toward the kidneys and liver.  But, in recommended doses, it’s just fine.  Kratom products come with dosing directions on their labels, and we recommend that you follow these directions closely.  Taking too much isn’t just potentially dangerous, but it can cause levels of intoxication that may lead to impairment, or just general discomfort.

Step #5: Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

The kratom market is vast, with all kinds of product types, strains, and more to try.  While we don’t suggest taking a bunch of different kratom products in one day, as again, that may be dangerous, we do recommend being open-minded to trying new formulas and seeing what they can provide when it come to your daily needs.  That means exploring a new strain that may be even more helpful at giving you the desired effects, or switching to a new delivery method and seeing how it compares to the old one in terms of providing you with relief.

The Right Kratom Routine Can Bring Lots of Relief!

Kratom can offer amazing advantages thanks to its powerful alkaloids that are found once again in the Mitragyna speciosa leaves.  But, you may miss out on the full potential of kratom’s power if you’re not building a routine from the ground up and sticking to it to see how it improves your life.  At Topps Kratom, we’re here to help with a variety of lab-tested kratom products that can easily be incorporated into your daily regimen.  Explore our products and consider adding them into a once-a-day routine to reap the full potential benefits of all that this plant has to provide, making an effort to build a routine that’s totally customized to your needs.