Topps Kratom Raw Shot Review

Kratom products are easier to find than ever, with demand at an all-time high.  But, the bottom line is, a lot of sketchy companies are out there trying to sell kratom products made with cheap ingredients, ineffective amounts of kratom, and other major red flags.  So, how do you know you’re getting a product that’s going to actually work, while being safe, high in quality, and potent?  Enter Topps Kratom, where we have truly gone above and beyond to deliver outstanding kratom formulas, like our Raw Shot, that customers can trust.

Raw Kratom Shot: What You Gotta Know!

A Topps Raw Kratom Shot is simply a liquid “shot” consisting of 2 servings, in a 15ml (.5 fl oz) bottle.  Plus, it has a sweet flavor that’s sure to perk you up.

What About Quality?

Here’s the thing: the kratom industry is very new to the USA, and kratom has yet to be approved by the FDA.  Currently, the market is not regulated – in other words, there is no authoritative body that’s overseeing the kratom industry to ensure that products being made are safe, effective, or even legitimate.  But, the good news is that Topps Kratom has taken a number of important steps to prove our legitimacy to consumers.  We’ve had our facility GMP-certified (Good Manufacturing Practices), meaning that we’ve been proven to follow a strict set of quality and safety standards set forth and maintained by the FDA.

On top of that, we’ve made third-party lab reports available on our website, with these reports showing that the products have been tested for safety, purity, potency, and alkaloid composition.

How It’s Packaged

The bottle has an airtight seal, which is always a good sign since it means it hasn’t been tampered with, and that the contents inside are kept fresh.  The product label gives you plenty of info about what’s inside, including the ingredients, and the directions for use.

Product Potency

The package does not indicate how many milligrams of kratom are actually in this formula, but we do advertise it as “high-potency” and “max strength”.  Also, kratom shots are inherently more potent than capsules and gummies because liquid is more bioavailable, so that means that the product is really strong.  Because of this, we urge caution if you’re a beginner, and remember that a single serving is actually half a bottle – not the whole thing.

What Goes into a Raw Shot?

Our Raw Shot contains a pretty simple list of ingredients: kratom extract, citric acid (a natural preservative), agave nectar (a natural sweetener), natural flavoring, and propylene glycol.  That’s always a good sign, as it means we aren’t using tons of additives that tend to be a bit questionable when it comes to how they affect us.  It also shows us that the effects are coming solely from kratom – in other words, cheaper active ingredients like caffeine aren’t being used to mimic the desirable effects while watering down the kratom itself.

Does Our Raw Shot Taste Good?

The flavor is reminiscent of an energy drink – like a sweet fruit punch that has a bit of an almost carbonated bite.  Overall, the flavor is totally inoffensive, as it’s super refreshing and tasty, and has a good amount of sweetness to it that’s not cloying.

What Key Strain is Used?

At Topps Kratom, we use what is called “gold kratom,” which actually just means that it’s a combination of any number of existing red, white, or green strains.  This offers a more balanced effect between the three vein types, for general relief from physical discomfort, stress, fatigue, and low mood.

Just How Satisfying is the Experience?

Now, let’s move onto the main event, which is the experience itself.  Liquid shots need only about 30 minutes to absorb, so the effects came on relatively soon.  Within about 30 minutes, we did notice a notable wave of euphoria, along with an enhanced feeling of focus.  The product clearly does relieve some discomfort in the body as well, and stronger doses would inevitably amplify that effect.  Overall, we enjoyed a solid 4 or so hours of feeling motivated, energized, and super optimistic, which is a major benefit.

Try a Topps Raw Kratom Shot for Fast-Acting and Powerful Relief!

At Topps Kratom, you will find only the most trustworthy kratom products possible, our Raw Kratom Shot really does the trick, all while offering a great formula and pure, potent kratom for fast-acting effectiveness.  It’s a very potent formula, so again, just go easy if you’re a beginner.  Otherwise, we can’t imagine anyone being let down by the flavor or the effects that are in store.