Topps Kratom Raw Shot vs. Other Shots

One of the most popular ways to take kratom is to do it in the form of a liquid shot, since it offers super-fast absorption and very high potency.  But, as you may have guessed, not all kratom shots are created equally.  Let’s take a look at our Kratom Raw Shot here at Topps Kratom, and simply compare it to what else you will find on the market.

How Come Not All Kratom Raw Shots are Worth Your Money?

Here’s the thing about the kratom industry: as it awaits FDA approval, the market is unregulated.  This means that there’s no governing body that’s checking for indicators of safety, quality, and authenticity to ensure that every product that hits shelves is the best kratom shot possible.

As a result, it’s up to customers to know that what they’re buying is the best kratom shot possible.  And, this means finding a trusted vendor that has a good reputation, as well as looking through ingredients lists, lab reports, company practices, reviews, and more.

What is a Kratom Raw Shot?

Before we do some comparisons, let’s go over what a kratom shot is, so you know what it should and shouldn’t look, taste, and feel like.  Kratom shots are miniature beverages that contain a concentrated dose of kratom in liquid form, typically blended with other ingredients for a palatable beverage that is supposed to be drunk quickly.  The water-soluble formula absorbs into the body fast and strong, so that you can get those kratom effects you’re looking for on demand, and even feel them as potently as possible.

How Topps Kratom Raw Shot Compares to Other Kratom Shots

At Topps Kratom, we work hard to give kratom customers exactly what they’re looking for, while going the extra mile to exceed their standards for quality, flavor, and effectiveness.  Let’s compare our Kratom Raw Shot to other shots you’ll find on the kratom market.

Topps Kratom Uses Pure Mitragynine Extract

Our kratom shot uses Mitragynine extract as its active ingredient, which cuts to the chase to give kratom enthusiasts what they’re looking for.  Mitragynine is the dominant alkaloid in kratom leaves, which are harvested from the Mitragyna speciosa plant.  It’s this particular alkaloid that works on the brain’s opioid receptors to introduce feelings of relief from stress, fatigue, physical discomfort, and low mood.  By using a pure extract of the desirable alkaloid from the plant, our product is highly potent as it’s not diluted with secondary plant compounds in kratom leaves.

We Use Natural Ingredients

You’d be surprised by how many kratom shots are filled with additives that don’t belong in there.  We use natural ingredients, including citric acid as a preservative, and natural flavoring to give a deliciously fruity flavor that you’ll have no trouble shooting back.  We also proudly display our list of ingredients right on our product page, because we have nothing to hide, and we want our customers to know exactly what they’re consuming with every purchase.

We Provide Lab Reports

Lab reports are a critical aspect of proving one’s legitimacy, as it shows that batches of kratom are sent to a certified third-party laboratory for extensive testing.  The lab reports that come back to us show that the product is pure, safe, and potent, not to mention 100% authentic, and we make these lab reports accessible to our customers to give the assurance that they’re looking for.

Agave is Our Sweetener of Choice

A lot of shots that are out there contain artificial, high-glycemic sweeteners, like high fructose corn syrup, to add to the taste.  But, we know that many kratom users are people who generally prefer plant-based solutions to their daily needs, and so we’d never put these unhealthy sweeteners in our products.  Instead, we use raw agave nectar, which is a plant-based sweetener that offers a far better form of sugar to the body, as it’s not high on the glycemic index.

Max Strength for Max Effects

We’ve made sure to make this the most potent kratom shot we could, within reason, of course.  It’s maximum strength for the strongest effects possible, because we know that the majority of people who opt for kratom shots have advanced needs that require fast and highly effective relief.

No Harsh Crash Afterwards

Our product is formulated to avoid giving you any kind of crash that takes away from the benefits.  While kratom itself is not associated with any kind of comedown, the reality is that a lot of these products contain heavy sweeteners that lead to something of a strong sugar crash later on, especially because of how bioavailable this product is.  With Topps Kratom Raw Shots, you don’t have to worry.

Compliant with GMP

While companies are not required to, we’ve made sure that all of the kratom products at Topps Kratom are completely compliant with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), an international standard for safety, ethics, and quality in manufacturing.  This means that our facility has been fully inspected.  Plus, has been proven to meet these high standards so that every batch that leaves our warehouse is fully compliant.

Try a Topps Kratom Raw Shot Today and Really Notice the Difference!

At Topps Kratom, we’re proud of our Raw Shot, which gives you a potent serving of Mitragynine, the in-demand alkaloid found in natural kratom leaves.  This shot is flavored with natural ingredients, sweetened with agave, and free of harsh additives that get in between you and your daily kratom needs.  Try our formula today, and simply know you’re getting the very best kratom shot on the market, as we follow the strict standards of GMP and have our products third-party-tested.