What is a “Kratom Tolerance” and How Can You Properly Manage It?

With an influx of people it seems, who are taking kratom nowadays, we are getting lots of questions from concerned users about the risk of building up a tolerance to its effects, eventually needing to take higher and higher doses to get relief, or worse, not getting any effects at all anymore.  So, by giving you the downlow on tolerance as it pertains to kratom, and what you can do should your tolerance be getting too high, you will be able to enjoy your favorite kratom product(s) once again.  In fact, there are some simple solutions to managing kratom tolerance so you can keep getting the results you want.

What is Tolerance and How Does Someone Become Tolerant to Something They Take?

Tolerance refers to the body building up a resistance to the effects of a certain substance, and it can happen with just about anything – nicotine, coffee, alcohol, and so on.  Basically, over time, receptors in the body begin to desensitize themselves to the substance in order to conserve energy, and so the person no longer gets as strong of an effect as they used to with their dosage, and thus, must take more of the product in order to continue getting results.

Tolerance isn’t necessarily a bad thing, nor does it mean you have a “problem.”  If you’re an alcohol drinker, you can probably remember how strongly you felt that first drink.  Now, it can take a couple of drinks to get the buzz you’re looking for, but it doesn’t mean you need to overdo it after years of drinking regularly in order to experience any effects at all.

But, in the case of kratom, it can mean that you’re taking way more kratom than you want to each day, not to mention spending more money.  Basically, because you can avoid developing too large of a tolerance, and also reverse a high tolerance, there’s no reason to do that.

How to Avoid Developing a High Tolerance to Kratom

The first thing we always tell our customers when it comes to kratom tolerance is that it can largely be avoided by simply finding your sweet spot, and never deviating.  Believe it or not, your tolerance is likely to get higher quickly if you’re taking more than you need.  However, finding the ideal daily dosage and simply sticking to it can keep you getting the effects that you want, without having to go higher.

And, this can be applied to other things as well.  People who stick to one glass of wine a day for years typically get the mild buzz they want, whereas people who binge drink on the weekends are the ones who start to lose the feeling they used to get.  The same goes for people who stick to one cup of coffee in the morning to wake up, versus those who guzzle coffee beverages all day long and never get that stimulating buzz after a while.

So, how do you find your sweet spot with kratom?  Naturally, it comes down to trial and error.  Play around with different product types and strengths until you’re confident you’re getting the results you want.  Follow the directions on the label to take the recommended dosage, and simply adjust it only in small increments if the effects are too weak or too strong.  Most people will find that staying with that dosage keeps their tolerance in the right place.

Strain Rotation is Key

Another thing that you can do is rotate your strains every few weeks, if the kratom vendor you buy from offers a variety of strains.  Each kratom strain comes from a different region, and therefore has a unique configuration of compounds, including alkaloids.  While they generally provide the same effects, they are different enough from one another that your body will recognize it as different, and even lose its tolerance to those compounds.

Basically, taking any kratom strain for several weeks in a row means you can start to get a tolerance to its effects quickly.  So, by rotating, you will always keep that tolerance fresh.  The alkaloids in each vein interact with receptors in the brain differently, so the receptors never fully get “used” to the effects of one strain when you’re frequently replacing it with a new one.

Of course, in this case, you’ll want to do some research on different strains, to make sure you’re always choosing ones that align with your specific needs – like needs related to pain, sleep, fatigue, etc.

Remember That Quality Matters

You might think you developed a tolerance, but in reality, you’re just using low-quality kratom.  Low-quality kratom will leave you with barely-there results, because the product has oxidized, or just doesn’t have the purity level you want to think it does.  This is why you must stick with reputable retailers, to know you’re buying a highly effective product that’s potent.

Be Mindful of Your Diet

It’s true that clean eating can keep your tolerance fresh, so to speak.  Heavily processed foods and foods that are high in sugar can interfere with your metabolism, causing your body to metabolize the kratom before it fully absorbs.  This can give you a higher tolerance to the effects indirectly, requiring that you take more kratom to get meaningful results.

Reversing Your Kratom Tolerance

Should you already have a high tolerance to kratom, there are some ways to get it back down.  Let’s go over the 3 big methods that can all be effective.

Tapering Slowly

One method is to taper your dosage down slowly – no more than 10% less of a dosage each day.  This lets your body acclimate to the lower dosage, while you still get to get the effects of kratom, only slightly milder.

Spacing Out Your Dosage

Or, you can try spacing out your dosage.  For instance, if you’re taking kratom twice daily, try taking it once daily, as this can reduce your tolerance.  Then, try taking it every other day.

Cold Turkey

Finally, you can just not take any kratom for a few days, to let your tolerance totally reset.  Depending on how much you took, 2-7 days should be enough to get your tolerance back to where it used to be.

Kratom Tolerance Can Be Managed!

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid, manage, and reverse a tolerance to kratom, so that you never take more than you actually need to in order to find relief.  These methods all work, and it just takes a bit of finesse with your Topps Kratom routine to maintain your tolerance over a long period of time.