Should You Turn to Kratom as a Weight Loss Alternative?

Kratom has become an enormously popular natural remedy thanks to its unique profile of alkaloids that produce desirable effects through their relationship with the brain’s opioid receptors.  Derived from the evergreen Mitragyna Speciosa tree in Southeast Asia, kratom refers to the tree’s leaves, which are dried and ground before consumption.  Available in different veins, strains, and product types, kratom has made its way over to the U.S. market with enormous success, promising to do everything from help a person sleep better at night, to remedy all forms of pain, ranging from mild to severe.  But, what about those looking to lose weight through plant-based means?

What’s the Deal with Kratom for Weight Loss?

So, why do people talk about kratom in a weight loss context, anyway?  It’s likely a few reasons.  One is that kratom is a natural substance that is associated with all kinds of nervous system effects, and people hope that its alkaloids also have an impact on weight, either directly (speeding up the metabolism, etc.) or indirectly (decreasing appetite, boosting energy, etc.).  Let’s face it – losing weight can be a long and demanding process, so natural supplements and derivatives out there that can speed things up are in high demand.

Does Kratom Have an Effect on Our Metabolism?

Some people have claimed that kratom does boost metabolism, allowing the body to burn more calories per day and lose weight at a faster pace as a result.  But, here’s the thing: while that sounds promising, there’s no evidence provided through research – yet, at least.  And, because we believe in the importance of honesty with something like kratom, we don’t want to claim that it can speed up your metabolism when there’s no proof.

Have people anecdotally shared that they’ve been able to shed pounds more quickly by taking kratom daily?  Absolutely, yes.  But, do we know definitively what the relationship between kratom and metabolism is?  At this time, the answer is, unfortunately, no.

What Kratom Can Do For Your Weight Loss Journey

We don’t have any conclusive evidence that kratom can make a person lose weight.  But, there are certain effects associated with the key alkaloids in kratom that can potentially support your weight loss journey, so let’s go over those now.

Boost Energy

One great benefit of kratom is its ability to improve your energy levels – and naturally, more energy means more motivation to do things like exercise, and simply live a more active lifestyle.  A lot of us struggle with fatigue and sluggishness that makes it difficult to exercise, let alone get up off the couch.  Kratom can potentially improve this, especially if you take white vein kratom, as this particular vein is associated with its energy-boosting qualities – note that red kratom is sedating, so that won’t provide you with the effects you’re looking for.

Decrease Appetite

Another thing that kratom users commonly describe is a decrease in appetite.  This has to do with the effect that kratom has on opioid receptors, which regulate appetite among other important functions of the body.  Consuming kratom frequently can bring appetite down, but you want to be careful, because you don’t want to lose your appetite entirely, either.  Keep in mind that kratom can also cause constipation in some individuals, which could have a negative effect on your weight loss journey (and your health), so you don’t want to moderate your intake wisely.

Improve Motivation and Focus

Kratom’s uplifting effects are especially common among its white and green veins, and that can boost your motivation and focus.  Many of us find ourselves eating out of boredom, and taking kratom could inspire us to find more productive ways to fill our time during the day.

Decrease Stress

If you’re a stress eater, kratom may really come in handy.  Green and red veins in particular are known for their more calming effects, and this could help you manage stress so that you’re not reaching for a snack as a less healthy means for regulating your feelings.

Improve Sleep

Sleep is a critical aspect of maintaining a healthy weight, allowing our metabolisms to work at peak functionality while we’re unconscious.  Getting too little sleep at night has been linked to difficulties with losing weight.  Red kratom veins are known for their sedating effects, which may play an important role in helping the body support your weight loss goals.

Why Kratom Alone Likely Won’t Help You Lose Weight

Now, we’ve shared some key features of kratom that may play a role in losing weight, however, we want to stress that kratom alone likely won’t help you reach your fitness goals – nor is it a healthy replacement for improving your diet and exercise.  So, you can take kratom as part of your weight loss journey, but ultimately, we recommend the more traditional methods of maintaining a fitness routine and eating as healthily as possible.

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