Where Should You Consider Buying Kratom From?

Kratom is easier to find than ever before – assuming you don’t live in one of the few states in which it’s illegal – and that’s great news, because it means that more and more people are able to experience natural relief with a product that can be bought over the counter.  However, that doesn’t mean that every kratom product you happen to come across is going to give you the effectiveness and quality you’re looking for – in fact, some products being sold might not even be safe.

Kratom is an unregulated market here in the U.S., and what that means is that companies mostly have free reign when it comes to how they produce their products.  They can sneak all kinds of additives in there, and you might even find fake kratom from time to time.  So, where can you buy kratom, to know it’s safe and legit, not to mention effective?

Online vs. Local: Which is Best?

First, let’s talk about the difference between buying kratom locally, and buying it online.  If you’re buying it locally, you’re most likely to find it in smoke shops, vape shops, and the like, or a place like a gas station or convenience store, by the checkout counter.  It’s actually rare to come across kratom in a health food or supplement store.

Sure – being able to grab some kratom along with your vape juices or your bag of chips may sound super convenient.  But, the issue is that these types of retailers don’t specialize in kratom products.  Because of that, their business isn’t dependent on selling the highest-quality products available.  And, since they don’t specialize in kratom, there’s a really good chance that they’re not kratom experts, and therefore, they may be selling super low-quality kratom without even knowing it.

Because of this, it’s always better to buy online from a company that strictly carries kratom products.  This way, you know that their entire business depends on keeping customers as satisfied as possible.  Going with an online retailer also means you’re likely to encounter a lager selection of products to choose from, to really address your most specific needs.

What to Look for Before Choosing a Kratom Retailer

Now, you know that it’s always better to get your kratom from an online kratom retailer.  But even then, things can get tricky.  If you don’t know how to differentiate the cream of the crop from the subpar, you may end up with a product that really disappoints.  Luckily, there’s a basic checklist of things to look for before buying any kratom product online, that will ensure you end up totally satisfied.

Lab Reports

First off, always check third-party lab reports before making any purchase.  Third-party lab reports are the means through which the kratom industry regulates itself – basically, creating a standard for lab-testing protocol through an unbiased, certified testing facility that checks for indicators of quality, purity, safety, and potency.  The lab reports are printed on the company’s website, and this acts as an objective source to get the info on what you’re actually buying.

Positive Reviews

Always look at the reviews on a company’s website before you buy, because that’s a great way to find out quickly if the brand is making good products or not.  If the products aren’t up to par, it’ll take little time for you to come across all of the reviews expressing disappointment.


Transparency is crucial, because kratom is, again, an unregulated market.  You want to find a company that’s clear about how they source their kratom, the ingredients in each product, and a willingness to educate customers on the general benefits and side effects that come from kratom.  It’s also important to know which kind of vein you’re getting, the milligram strength, and directions for use, including dosing directions.

A Good Selection of Products

We all have a reason for using kratom, whether we’re looking for an energy boost, pain relief, relaxation, or so on.  And, different veins and strains help us achieve different effects.  At the same time, we all have different requirements for dosing.  So, ideally, a company offers a wide selection of product types, veins/strains, and milligram strength options, so that you can find exactly what it is that you’re looking for.

Clean Ingredients

Clean ingredients are super important, since companies are free to add any ingredients they want to a kratom product.  Look at the list of ingredients carefully to be sure there aren’t questionable fillers and additives that dilute the product, add side effects to the product, or generally take away from its overall quality.  Avoid allergens as well, and be sure that you’re buying a product made solely of plant derivatives if you’re vegan.

Not All Kratom Products are Created Equally: Explore the Kratom at Topps Kratom

It’s disappointing to know that the kratom market contains fakes, low-quality, and potentially unsafe products.  But, the good news is that it’s easy to avoid all of that, too.  Simply go with a trusted online kratom retailer that specializes in offering a wide selection of carefully formulated kratom products, and provides third-party lab reports, user reviews, and lots of info about how their product is made.

At Topps Kratom, we’re proud to offer lab-tested kratom in all kinds of veins, product types, strengths, and more, so that everyone can find exactly what they’re looking for, and feel confident that they’re buying nothing but pure, top-shelf kratom no matter what.