How Long Does Kratom Stay In Your System?

Consumption brings a lot of questions, though, — and rightly so! After all, whenever you’re enjoying a natural substance like kratom, it’s crucial to understand the ins and outs of the botanical. So, that leads us to our main question: how long does kratom stay in your system?

Here, not only will we be addressing how long kratom stays in the body, but we’ll also talk more in-depth about where kratom lingers, if it will influence a drug test, and more. Let’s get started.

What is Kratom?

Before we talk about how long kratom stays in the system, let’s discuss what kratom is in the first place. Kratom is an herbal botanical that people have utilized for centuries in medicinal and spiritual practices.

Even though kratom, or mitragyna speciosa, is technically a type of evergreen tree that is native to Southeast Asia, you don’t have to consume it in that form. People take the leaves from the tree and typically dry them out, eventually grinding them up into a fine powder. From there, they can put the powder in capsules, mix them into tinctures, or even infuse the substance into sweet treats like gummies. The potential behind this natural tropical botanical is truly remarkable. And that’s why Topps Kratom is proud to sell our own high-quality products.

An Overview of Kratom’s Half-Life

When talking about how long kratom stays in the system, it’s crucial to consider the substance’s half-life.

A half-life refers to the time it takes for the quantity of a substance to reach half of its potency after consumption. So, here, we’re discussing how long it takes for kratom to become about half as potent as it was initially, as this helps demonstrate how quickly the substance breaks down in the system.

Thanks to research and multiple studies, it appears as though kratom has a half-life of close to 24 hours. That means that, theoretically, it’ll take about a day for your kratom dose to reduce to 50% within the body.

Of course, these numbers are going to vary a little depending on the consumer. Those who have consumed a lot of kratom in their life, or someone who has a different body type than someone else, may find that the kratom stays in the system longer than someone else. Certain types of kratom extracts may break down in the body quicker than others. Research suggests that the quickest half-life ever recorded from a kratom extract was around two hours, making it about a day for the entire substance to leave the body. Thus, it simply depends.

But, technically, the half-life of kratom is around 24 hours; it’s important to keep this in mind before consuming.

How to Enjoy Kratom

Enjoying kratom is the easiest part of it all. You can consume kratom in various ways depending on what’s most appealing to you.

Here at Topps Kratom, we offer various product types. If you’re interested in a sweet treat that gives you a potent dose of kratom, then our Kratom gummies are the best choice for you. These are gummy candies we have infused with varying amounts of kratom to give you a tasty, herbal experience. Topps Kratom gummies are tropical flavored, bringing you a picturesque island with every chew.

If you’re not a fan of gummies, that’s okay! You can always try our kratom capsules instead. Just as the name suggests, these are capsules we’ve filled with kratom extract. You’ll consume these products as you would any other pill or capsule: just place it in your mouth and swallow with the help of water or your favorite beverage.

Finally, you can also enjoy our high-quality kratom shots. These are drinkable extracts that you consume in one go, just like you would a regular shot of alcohol — thankfully, these taste a whole lot better. Each bottle contains two whole servings, so keep this in mind before consumption.

How you consume your kratom completely depends on you and your personal preferences. Every person has unique tastes, and it’s important to find the product that works best for you. That being said, don’t be afraid to experiment a bit and try them all! This way, you know exactly how each product functions in your body — and which you enjoy the most.

How Long Does Kratom Stay in Your System?

Now that we’ve addressed the basics, let’s answer the question we’ve all been wondering: how long does kratom stay in your system?

First and foremost, we have to establish that kratom stays in different parts of your system for varying amounts of time. While the substance may not be present in your blood, it could very well still be lingering in your urine. Thus, it’s crucial to differentiate what part of the body you’re concerned about kratom still being present in.

If we look at the half-life data we presented earlier, we can get a general idea as to how long kratom stays in the body. Again, the botanical has a half-life of about 24 hours. That means that it would take a little over five days for the entirety of the substance to leave the system. As we established before, this will depend on what kind of kratom you consumed, your tolerance levels, and more. But, theoretically, it should take about five days or so to rid your body of kratom entirely.

Now, let’s take a look at how long this extract lingers in the different parts of the system.

How Long Does Kratom Stay in Urine?

Usually, substances like kratom are going to stay present in the urine longer than most places. Again, the amount of time it takes for you to fully flush kratom out of your system will depend, but many people find that a dose of kratom won’t be detectable after 5-7 days. This aligns with the herb’s half-life that we discussed earlier.

If you’re taking a drug test for work or because of a previous conviction, there’s a good chance this test will analyze your urine. We will talk more about drug tests for kratom in a little, but urine analysis tends to be the most common. If an employer is concerned about kratom consumption, they will most likely ask you to pee in a cup and then have a professional examine it. If it’s been at least a week since you consumed any kratom, there’s a good chance it will not still be present in the urine. However, this does depend on the circumstance.

How Long Does Kratom Stay In Your Blood?

While they aren’t as common, people do use blood tests to analyze whether or not kratom is in the system — and how much. Usually, tests like these occur at the hospital, and not while you’re getting hired for a new job. This is because these drug tests are a bit more invasive and require more invasive processes.

Analysts can easily pick up kratom in the blood if consumption was recent. But, the timeframe of how long these tests can pick up substances is significantly shorter than urine or even saliva tests. Typically, blood tests are used to detect kratom consumption in the past few days; for those who consume kratom more regularly, the substance may linger in the blood for about a week or so. But, typically, the metabolites aren’t going to stay present for longer than that.

How Long Does Kratom Stay In Your Saliva?

Saliva tests are some of the most common drug tests in the US, besides urine analyses. However, professionals utilize these tests to pick up the presence of illicit, illegal drugs. Currently, kratom is not illegal in the United States; thus, you cannot test for kratom using a saliva drug test.

It is possible that kratom may be detected in your saliva after a few days, but, we simply do not know. This information isn’t readily available because these tests aren’t offered.

How Long Does Kratom Stay in Your Hair?

Similar to saliva tests, there simply isn’t a good way to judge kratom metabolites in hair follicles. While it is possible that the substance is present in the follicles, we do not currently have accurate tests to judge or analyze that.

So, if you’re being drug tested for kratom, you’re not going to be asked to undergo saliva or a hair test. Instead, you will likely undergo a urine or even blood test depending on where you’re at and what the situation is.

Does Kratom Show Up On a Drug Test?

Yes, kratom can show up on a drug test; however, it does depend on the test itself. On a standard 5-panel drug test, kratom is not going to show up. These drug tests are the ones that an employer asks a potential employee to take to see if they’re on any illict drugs before hiring. Because kratom isn’t an illicit drug, these drug tests do not test or detect kratom in the urine.

However, there are other drug tests that do have the ability to pick up kratom metaboliites. If your company or probabtion officer wants you to take a 10-panel drug test, this will detect kratom in your urine even a week after consumption. This type of drug test analyzes the urine more comprehensively, allowing it to pick up other substances like kratom. But, if it has been a while since you last tried the herb, you should be good to go.

Along this same line, there are kratom-specific drug tests, too. These drug tests are looking exclusively for the presence of kratom, and this may be done through urine or blood. Typically, you’ll know if you are going to undergo a drug test specific to kratom. If you have experience with this in the past, you know that you’ll just have to avoid consuming kratom during this time, as you will definitely fail a drug test if you’re a regular consumer.

Kratom False Positive

It’s crucial to note that some studies suggest that kratom may accidentally trigger a false-positive for other drug tests. For example, a case study from 2020 found that certain patients testing for methadone ended up testing positive because of the kratom metabolites in their system — not methadone. And this isn’t uncommon.

In the medical community, it is well known that substances like kratom may trigger false-positive test results because of their compositions. Two of the main components of kratom — mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine — are also opioid receptor antagonists. Thus, this may play a role in why these tests confuse kratom consumption with certain drug use.

If you know you have a drug test coming up in the future — even if it’s not for kratom — you may consider avoiding the herb for a while to ensure an accurate drug test. There’s always a chance that kratom metabolites may create a false-positive, and we don’t want you to lose your job because of some confusion. So, always keep this in mind if you’re regularly subjected to these tests.

What Influences How Long Kratom Stays in Your System?

The amount of time that kratom stays in your system depends on various factors. You will have to consider how old you are, your food and water intake, your body fat percentage, and even your genetics.

Interestingly enough, the older you are, the longer your kratom will stay in your system. When you’re younger, your body is in better shape to break down and pass substances like kratom; but, as you age, this becomes a bit more difficult. Thus, an older person will likely see the presence of kratom in their bodies for longer, as the half-life simply isn’t the same as the kratom of a young person.

Along with age, you will also want to consider your food and water intake. High-fat meals and consistent water intake can help absorb and then flush out the kratom in your body quickly. If you don’t drink water often, your body is going to struggle to clear the metabolites.

If you have a high percentage of body fat, kratom’s metabolites will stay in your body longer than someone who doesn’t. This is because kratom’s compounds are fat-soluble; so, the more fat you have, the better the substance is going to cling on. But, if you don’t have much fat for the kratom to work with in the first place, the metabolites will likely fade quickly.

Finally, you’ll have to consider your genetics, too. Some people simply have metabolisms and enzymes in the body that allow the substance to work through it faster than someone else. Because of this, you simply cannot base someone else’s kratom experience on your own — everyone is different, and the metabolites of the herb will hang around in the system differently for each consumer.

How Long Does Kratom Last?

If you’re wondering how long the effects of kratom last, this also depends on the consumer. However, most people find that their kratom will help them feel better for about two to five hours after consumption. Of course, this highly depends on the type of kratom you consume, how potent it was, and the factors we discussed above.

In general, it will likely take only a few minutes for you to pick up on the effects of kratom. Most people find it kicks in after 5 – 10 minutes, but this also depends on the consumer. Make sure you’re a bit patient and let your first dose fully take effect before consuming any more.

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Once again, if you’re about to take a drug test, we would suggest avoiding kratom beforehand. Even if the test cannot detect kratom itself, you don’t want to risk experiencing a false positive because of the herb’s components. But, don’t worry — we’ll be right here for you as soon as you’re in the clear.