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Not all Kratom is created equal. And that is why our goal at Topps Kratom is to bring you top quality Kratom that is made in our US-based facilities. We aren't like every other company trying to make a quick buck or simply grabbing your attention with offering the most affordable Kratom. Our goal is quality, transparency, and earning your trust and loyalty for years to come.

Topps Kratom is proud to be the leading supplier of Kratom in North America. We did the research and saw that most Kratom companies are not spending the time to educate their customers about where their Kratom comes from, if their extracts are made in a proper extraction facility and if it's made by qualified technicians (like ours are). At Topps Kratom only clean, strong, raw Kratom is used for the extracts. Every product is made under the care and supervision of a qualified, third party certified cGMP manufacturing facility. No corners are cut, ever. Deliberate thought and consideration has been put into the selection each component of every product and we control every aspect of our process from the leaf to the shelf. From what to look for when buying Kratom online to finding a reliable vendor that accepts major credit cards and ships quickly in the US, we've got you covered.

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Kratom has been on the radar lately, but it is still shrouded in myths and misconceptions. At Topps Kratom this is one thing we are committed to changing. Here you will find all the latest news, facts, and information available from verified sources about Kratom so you can make an informed decision for yourself or loved ones. Looking for more science based facts on Kratom? Looking to stay up to date on kratom verified articles articles from clinical doctors, experts, and other professionals into how Kratom could help with your physical ailments like pain relief and anxiety management.

Recipes: A Citrus Kratom Energy Shot

Kratom Recipes: A Citrus Kratom Energy Shot For Brighter Mornings

Mar 29, 2021

Calling all health and wellness gurus! We’ve got a new Citrus Kratom Energy Shot recipe for you that’s sure to deliver a mood boost in the morning. Loaded with citrusy fruits, spices, and a dose of Kratom, this shot will deliver all the antioxidants and vitamins you need to power through the day. The popularity … Read more

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What Kratom Beginners Need to Know: The Ultimate Guide

Mar 5, 2021

If you’re a Kratom beginner, the first thing you should know is that Kratom is a tropical plant! The tropical tree¬†Mitragyna speciosa Korth, better known as Kratom, can seem overwhelming to Kratom beginners since it has so many potential uses. Kratom has become a globally known phenomenon. Used for centuries in Southeast Asia, the internet … Read more

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How to Make Kratom Tea That Actually Tastes Good

Feb 22, 2021

Kratom has become popular in the online health community, as well as with athletes and fitness models. However, there are many who would rather drink tea than swallow capsules or powders. Wondering what it takes to make a great-tasting Kratom tea? In this guide, we will teach you how to make a Kratom tea that … Read more

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How to Take Kratom : 8 Tips on Kratom Dosage, Extract, and Potency

Aug 11, 2020

Does Kratom and Kratom powder work? The answer is yes. It can be very effective for many people in treating a wide array of ailments and health conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. There are also some people who use a Kratom dosage to help manage their opiate withdrawal symptoms or even as … Read more

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